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Build your own weekend getaway or mini-retreat

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  • 2.5hrs
  • Max People: 1-16
  • Nov 26

"Green Friday" Forest Bathing Walk

Invite some serene forest green into your Black Friday scene!

  • November 26, 2021
  • 1pm – 4pm 
  • To register, click “Book Now”, select Public Forest Bathing, and choose the appropriate date on the calendar!

Ever feel like you need a holiday after the holiday? Craving experiences more than things these days? This autumn season calls us to gather and celebrate an abundant harvest of all we are thankful for. Please join us for a guided forest bathing experience and unplug for a moment!

I wonder how it may feel to be gently guided to slow down your hectic pace, quiet your mind, tune into your senses, and allow yourself to simply be immersed in the atmosphere of the forest? Gently awakening to the many gifts of the present moment while deepening your connection to nature and community.

This gentle and restorative walk is suitable for most ages and activity levels and will not exceed 1 mile round trip.

“Walk together. Feel the heart beats. Experience the presence. This is how to be thankful.” Amit Ray

What Is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing is simply a guided walk in nature. Your guide will share mindfulness practices and invitations designed to connect you more deeply to your inner landscapes, as well as the world around you. Inspired by Shinrin-Yoku, the Japanese art of immersing oneself in a forest environment, forest bathing walks invite guests to spend time in nature in a way that invites healing for ourselves, our fraught ecosystems, and our community. It is true nature therapy!

This is essentially a mindful, rejuvenating walk in the forest…no actual “bathing” required.

For more information, visit the Forest Bathing Tour Page or the blog: All About Forest Bathing.


1Where will we meet?

We will tentatively plan on meeting at the Pink Beds Picnic Area in Pisgah National Forest. Though our final trail selection will depend on road and weather conditions, the trail will be within an hour’s drive of downtown Asheville and likely closer.

2What should I bring?

Make sure to dress in layers (your key to comfort!) and come prepared for ever-changing weather with both rain and sun protection. We recommend long pants and closed-toe shoes. Please bring a full water bottle and an open heart.

3What about Covid?

Your health and safety is of the upmost importance. To that end, please keep the following in mind:

  • Social distancing is a breeze in outdoor spaces. Our instructors are a friendly bunch but will refrain from getting close unless necessary (injury, first aid, etc). Please also respect and maintain distance from the guide as well. You’ll find plenty of room to spread out in the forest. Enjoy the spaciousness!
  • Masks: required anytime distancing is not possible.