Virtual Experiences

We are so excited to announce our Virtual Experiences, bringing the wisdom of our sweet mountain town to your own space.  In the middle of a global pandemic, our hearts go out to all those who are suffering. We are in the business of building connections and celebrations, and we feel for all of you who have canceled special events (weddings, bachelorette parties, retirement parties) for the greater good and health of others.  Now more than ever, connection is essential, which is why we are offering Virtual Group Experiences.

Our Virtual Experiences are personalized and facilitated so that you and your tribe can have a guided, meaningful experience, even from afar.  Don’t stress about setting up your Zoom room or organizing the group, we will take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy.

How Does It Work?

Choose the experience that your group is drawn to, then reserve your desired date and time. Once the logistics are taken care of, we handle the rest.  We’ll send a link to each member of your group 30 mins prior to your chosen start time, so you all can hang out and catch up before settling into your experience. From there, your facilitator will begin to guide the group. We’ll leave the virtual space open for another 30 mins afterwards and folks are, of course, welcome to remain on or exit as they wish.

All Virtual Experiences

Group Tarot Reading

*Virtual Experience*

Break through the superficial and cultivate a deeper bond as you share a lighthearted group tarot reading.



Group Yoga

*Virtual Experience*

Enjoy an all-levels yoga class exclusively for your group and enjoy connection through movement…no matter how far apart you may be!



Group Dance Classes

*Virtual Experience*

Get your blood pumping and your body moving with sassy new routines.



Virtual Archetypal Reading

*Virtual Experience*

Combine personal wisdom with support and encouragement during a lovely bonding experience that is simultaneously lighthearted and deeply meaningful.


$220/group plus $49/person for archetype oil sampler kit

Cooking Classes

*Virtual Experience*

Gather around the virtual table, sip your favorite beverage, and bond over the preparation of a nourishing meal under the expert direction of a local chef.



Group Meditation

*Virtual Experience*

Connect with one another and find your zen with options including Cello Sound Journeys, Instinctive Meditation, and Guided Sessions.

COMING SOON (contact us to inquire)


Who Are Virtual Group Experiences Great For?

Private Groups

Virtual Girls Night Out

Online Corporate Meetings

Virtual Bachelorette Parties

Virtual Wedding Wellness

Online Bridal Showers

Retirement Celebrations

Family Nights