Connect Through the Cards With Virtual Tarot Readings

Foster connections with family, friends, or coworkers!

Have you ever experienced a tarot card reading? If you’re new to the idea, you’re probably wondering how it works and what you can expect. But don’t worry, it’s not all that obscure at all! 

Tarot readings are a lighthearted way to connect with friends and family or to encourage team building at work. While we love our in-person wellness tours in Asheville, virtual tarot readings have allowed us to connect with people all over the world!

We love helping folks spend quality time with loved ones and to forge stronger bonds with colleagues, no matter how far apart we all may be. 

Let’s talk about tarot readings in general and how we do our virtual tarot readings here at Asheville Wellness Tours. We’d love to have you join us!

What to expect during a Tarot Reading

The tarot deck has been used for centuries to offer insights in answer to a question or a problem. A professional reader will help guide you through the symbolism of each card, though the ultimate interpretation is up to you! 

Tarot cards are used to spark conversation and offer guidance around what is happening in your personal orbit: love, money, career, goals, and your general life path. Readings are not intended to foresee the future, however! Instead, they are an opportunity to take a closer look at the resources you have available to you while examining past patterns that may be relevant to your current path.

Experiencing a reading with your crew is a great way to spark meaningful conversations and to share stories. No matter how well you know each other, you’re sure to find out something new!

How does a virtual Tarot card reading work?

If you’re doing a virtual tarot reading, you’ll experience the exact same professional service and connection as you would with an in-person reading. The only difference with an online tarot reading is that you cannot physically choose your cards.

But, when you’re guided by a professional, this is not a significant difference at all!

The other key thing to remember is that there are plenty of automated tarot readings available online these days. But that’s not at all the experience we offer at Asheville Wellness Tours! 

Our virtual tarot readings are live and guided by a professional tarot reader. You’ll be able to ask questions, interact, and share a unique experience during our online reading.

Experiencing a reading with your crew is a great way to spark meaningful conversations and to share stories. No matter how well you know each other, you’re sure to find out something new!

Whenever you’re ready to book, visit our private group tarot reading page to reserve your desired date and time. We send a Zoom link to each member of your group prior to your chosen start time. We recommend logging in a few minutes early to troubleshoot any technical difficulties and settle in before your reading. 

From there, an Asheville Wellness Tours facilitator will join in to guide your experience. You’ll begin with a moment for intention-setting before you each receive a reading, approximately 10-15 minutes per person, depending on your group size. Virtual readings are best for groups of up to 8, but we can facilitate larger groups if you just contact us.

Group tarot readings foster connections

Group virtual tarot readings are also hugely popular corporate events! Giving your team a fun activity that’s completely separate from their typical work interactions is a great way to build rapport and encourage your staff to connect on a more social level. 

In a group tarot reading, there’s no pressure to share your question with the group; participants can always choose to keep it to themselves. But we do encourage opening up and supporting each other’s readings and reactions. 

That’s not to say tarot readings are heavy! This is a lighthearted and fun way to discover how well you really know each other. And we’ve found that the conversations start during the reading but they don’t stop when the Zoom link expires! Those connections continue to grow deeper over time.

Whatever the setting, group tarot readings do help foster stronger connections. Maybe your group just wants to do something fun and totally different together! Or perhaps your group wants to engage in a deeply spiritual and meaningful conversation together. No matter the purpose, doing a group activity is always a good idea, even more so when it encourages conversation and openness.

Give the gift of connection

Thinking of doing a tarot reading for yourself? Why not give the gift of connection to your loved ones near and far. Welcome them to join you with a gift card for a virtual tarot reading together as a group.

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