Our Suggested Asheville Bachelorette Party Itineraries

There is perhaps no better getaway than the one you take with your girlfriends. Looking for a different way to celebrate and honor your bride-to-be? How about a yoga retreat bachelorette party or an utterly relaxing and indulgent getaway for self-care and fun? 

If you’re considering a destination bachelorette party, then Asheville should be at the top of your list. From outdoor adventures to an incredible food scene; from gorgeous vacation rentals to luxurious spas…Asheville can pamper and please every person in your group!

We know planning for a group getaway can be super stressful. But this is supposed to be fun! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just want to make sure you’re planning the perfect getaway, get in touch for a free 1:1 chat with our expert local travel consultants. We’d love to help guide your planning and answer any questions you may have about Asheville!

Looking for the best local insights and recommendations? We love sharing our hometown with visitors!

Asheville Bachelorette Party Activities

Only looking for one activity to add to your Asheville bachelorette party? No worries! We have a few suggestions that can help you celebrate your special bride-to-be based on her personality and your other plans.

For the Chill Bride-to-Be

Looking to unwind and step away from the chaos of everyday life? We suggest incorporating Forest Bathing into your itinerary. The full experience lasts approximately 2.5 – 3 hours, making it ideal for a half-day activity with the whole crew.

Forest Bathing

Enjoy a meditative stroll through the forest, allowing you to take in the aliveness of all that is around you. Forest bathing is the perfect opportunity to awaken your senses and connect with nature and yourself. The experience will culminate with a closing tea ceremony, setting the stage for your celebrations to continue from a tranquil, rejuvenated space.

For the Active Crew

Looking for a little more action? How about some mountaintop yoga?! Enjoy a one-mile hike up to the top of a scenic mountain top, experience an all levels yoga class, and opportunities for lots of pictures before heading down.

For the Classic Bachelorette Party

Thinking of a more classic bachelorette party activity? Look no further than our fabulous Asheville area wineries for a winery tour! Our standard tour includes visits to three Asheville area vineyards. With safe and reliable transportation provided, you can relax and just have fun with the gals.

You’ll enjoy tastings at two of your three stops. Let’s just say the pours at the first couple of locations are generous so we like to leave the third-stop beverage choice up to you!

Not sure you want to dedicate a full day to exploring wine country? No problem! Get in touch with our concierge to schedule a “Sips with a Sommelier” experience at your home or vacation rental and we’ll bring the wine tasting to you! 

Which traveler type are you?

Full-Day Bachelorette Mini-Retreats in Asheville

If you’re coming to Asheville for a destination bachelorette party, then you should really do Asheville right! Instead of just one activity, let’s plan a whole day catered to your crew. While each group of gals is unique, we have a few suggested itineraries for bachelorette days out in Asheville that are very popular. 

Take a look and then get in touch so we can cater this perfectly to you! That means taking into account where your accommodations are, how big your group is, and the logistics of getting around our mountain region.

Detox, Retox (& Maybe Detox Again!)

The perfect combination of relaxation and fun, our Detox/Retox Bachelorette Party includes outdoor adventures + cocktails.

Start off with the best views from Asheville’s mountaintops to bask in the beauty of our Blue Ridge Mountains. A one-mile hike to the vista gets everyone moving before we pause at the summit for a guided yoga session together. 

Later in the day, it’s time to swap that mountaintop for a rooftop! Enjoy cocktails on the best rooftop patios in Asheville as you celebrate your bride-to-be.

If you think you might need another detox after that night of revelry, schedule a massage therapist to come straight to your vacation rental!

Rest & Renew

Is your group in need of a serious recharge? We all get bogged down in daily life stresses. Plan your bachelorette party itinerary around rejuvenation, instead of a jam-packed itinerary that’ll leave everyone even more exhausted on the way home.

Give yourselves the gift of slowing down.

We recommend an all-levels yoga class at your vacation rental, followed by a 30-minute massage…also at your vacation rental! No need to traipse around as a big group, no worries about leaving on time or rushing around. Relax, unwind, and refresh.

Mobile Massage

To finish off your day, we love a group tarot reading to delve deeper and foster even stronger connections within your crew.

Bonus: Opt for grocery delivery to have your fridge and pantry stocked before you even arrive!

Full Weekend Bachelorette Retreat in Asheville

Let’s be real: It’s unlikely you’re only coming to Asheville for a half-day or even just one day! You’re most likely coming for a full weekend to celebrate this bachelorette party the right way. So let’s go through a full weekend, shall we?

Our Proposed Weekend Bachelorette Party Itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrival in Asheville

Groceries will already be delivered so you can walk into your vacation rental ready to grab a refreshing drink and a snack after your travels.

After settling in, we recommend a group tarot reading to set intentions for the weekend. This is always such a fun bonding experience, too!

Then it’s dinner out in Asheville! It’s best to make reservations early for groups, so take a look at our article on the best restaurants for groups in Asheville to get inspired!

Day 2 

Let’s start the day off right with breakfast at your vacation rental before you head out for a fabulous yoga hike. An enjoyable one-mile hike will lead you to a lovely viewpoint, from which your group can enjoy an all-levels private yoga session.

When you’re feeling refreshed and recharged, it’s time for a light lunch and a stroll in downtown Asheville. Check out the RAD/Greenway for an artsy vibe or stroll past our famous early-twentieth-century Art Deco architecture. You can explore all the best areas to stay in Asheville to learn more about each neighborhood.

To wrap up a wonderful day, enjoy having a private chef make dinner at your vacation rental. Locally-sourced ingredients come to you so there’s no stress about reservations or transportation. Relax, share some laughs, and celebrate your bride-to-be in style!

Private Chef in Asheville

Day 3 – Farewell

Before you leave Asheville to head home, we recommend a luxury picnic brunch by the river. What better way to finish off your fun-filled weekend than to toast to the bride-to-be surrounded by natural beauty?! 

Group Vacation Rentals for a Bachelorette Party in Asheville

We love working with the teams at Carolina Mornings and Yonder Luxury Rentals! Renting a full home/cabin/loft with a comfy common area, cozy nooks for a bit of downtime, and a full kitchen offers the ultimate combo: space to connect, space to unwind, and the flexibility to decide whether to venture out for dinner on the town or opt for a girls night in. We think it’s the best accommodation for travelers wanting to experience the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Whether you want to stay in town or on a mountaintop, these vacation rental companies offer a wide variety to choose from plus teams to help you sort through the options!  

Need more info or suggestions on places to stay? Check them in our Free Guide To Asheville!

Aerial view of downtown Asheville at sunset

Need more helpful insights and recommendations? We’re always happy to help! Get in touch to find out about fun options like candle-making classes, essential oils, picnics, and so much more. Let’s craft the perfect custom itinerary for your bachelorette party in Asheville.