Custom Itineraries

Seeking a unique, meaningful adventure? Let us take care of the details.

Crafting a custom Asheville Yoga Retreat

If you’re coming to Asheville for a special occasion, let us sort out all the logistics so you can actually celebrate! Maybe it’s a group trip or a special romantic getaway, or maybe you’re treating yourself to the wellness retreat that you deserve! However many people and whatever the budget, we can work with you to craft the perfect experience.

Our wellness retreats often include yoga, but not always! We have so many options for you to choose from. We believe that wellness incorporates mindfulness, adventure, and fun, so we can easily craft the right blend of activities for you and your crew. 

Plus, chatting with our concierge unlocks access to exclusive add-ons that don’t appear on our regular menu! Think private wine tastings at your rental, curated IG-worthy picnics, Rooftop Bar Tours, and so much more!

Contact us for a free consultation and let the locals with all the insider tips and tricks help you plan the perfect custom wellness retreat.

Create a custom wellness retreat

Your time together is priceless. Let us help you spend it well!

We have carefully curated a network of local wellness practitioners, tour operators, and transportation providers in the Asheville area. We work with the best of the best to ensure your wellness getaway is as special as possible!

Contact us for a complimentary consultation or more information about any of our Asheville yoga and wellness retreat options.

Explore the wellness retreat possibilities

The following suggested activities offer an opportunity to connect: with yourself, your friends/family, and the moment. Choose “a-la-carte” from the list below or schedule a free consultation to craft your perfect itinerary.

Stay In Experiences

Let the best of Asheville come to you!

Stay in and enjoy a special wellness retreat right in your vacation rental! We’ll come to you so you don’t have to worry about getting your whole group out of the house on time. No parking stress, no rushing around, just relax and stay in.

Venture Out Experiences

Explore the beautiful Asheville area.

Our North Carolina wellness retreat options allow you to venture out into nature and reconnect with the important things in life. Slow down and let go of all the stress weighing you down.

Virtual Experiences

Bring Asheville into your own space.

Our virtual group wellness experiences are a way to bring the unique vibe of Asheville into your own home…anywhere in the world. Bring our small mountain town charm into your cozy space and let’s enjoy a meaningful experience with zero stress.

Schedule a complimentary planning call!

With Asheville Wellness Tours there are a plethora of activities to choose from, and we can tailor the options to perfectly fit your corporate group! Schedule a complimentary, 15 minute chat with our itinerary guru, Caitlin, so we can help make sure you have an incredibly rewarding and fun wellness experience.

Whether you have a quick question or want to talk through your full range of options, pick a time that works for you and talk to a real live human who can share local, insider recommendations. Talk to you soon!


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