NEW: Remote Tarot Readings

We’re thrilled to share that Remote Group Tarot Readings are now live! Gather your group (virtually, of course!) and share a lighthearted group tarot reading while supporting local wellness professionals right alongside your own well being. Click BOOK NOW above to reserve this unique experience for your group and enjoy an opportunity to be together…no matter how far apart you may be!

How does a virtual group tarot reading work?

Click BOOK NOW above to reserve your desired date and time. We’ll send a link to each member of your group 30 mins prior to your chosen start time so you all can hang out and catch up before settling into your reading. From there, an Asheville Wellness Tours facilitator will join in to guide your experience. Begin with a moment for intention setting before you each receive a reading, approx 10 mins per person depending on your group size. We’ll leave the virtual space open afterwards for another 30 mins and folks are of course welcome to remain on or exit as they wish.

When can I reserve a traditional, in-person reading again?

We’re currently accepting bookings for traditional, in-person, Asheville based classes as described below with no cancellation fees starting June 1. We’re in an anxious era of uncertainty and would love to support you all in looking towards the future by planning the getaways and get-togethers we’re all going to need more than ever. Let us know how we can help.

COST: $40/person
TIME: 10-15 mins / person
GROUP SIZE: Minimum group size 4 or flat fee of $160 for smaller groups.

NOTE: Group Readings are available virtually through May 15. We are accepting reservations for group readings in Asheville starting May 15 with flexible cancellations policies in place due to the ever-changing Covid19 crisis.

Your group session will begin with an intention-setting, guided meditation.  From there, each participant draws a single card whose symbolism and possible messages will be interpreted by the reader.  The question the card is meant to address is, “What is it that I need to focus on at this moment to take the next step towards realizing my heart’s desire?” 

Never experienced Tarot? Receiving a reading within the support of your friend group can be a wonderful way to check it out! Readings are not intended to foresee the future but rather take a closer look at the resources you currently have available to you and examine past patterns that may be relevant to your current path.

A wonderful way to break through the superficial and cultivate a deeper bond.

What Is Tarot?

Great question!  We have a blog explaining tarot, check it out here.

Does Tarot Predict The Future?

We like to think that tarot highlights areas of your life that you are ready to look at, rather than predicting the future.

Where Do We Meet?

Our readers can come to your vacation rental or they can meet you at a tea house in town.

How Does A Group Tarot Reading Work?

Our group session begin with an intention-setting, guided meditation.  From there, each participant draws a single card whose symbolism and possible messages will be interpreted by the reader.

What If I Have A Large Group Or A Corporate Group?

We can work with  large groups, including corporate groups.  We have different options for you depending on the size of the group and available time.  Send us an email as [email protected] and we can start planning.

Pairs well with

A statement from the reader:

“This is a pivotal time to cultivate Positive Femininity in the world.  It is essential we honor our heart’s desire and one thing we desire most is to be valuable in a way we really believe in.  In my experience reading Tarot for the last decade, this is THE question women are asking. Even if they are asking about romance, a relationship will never thrive if we do not live our lives in accordance with our hearts purpose. “

NEW! Tea and Tarot:

Winter blues headed your way? Cozy up at our favorite tea house downtown as you enjoy an enlightening group tarot reading as described above. It’s a wonderful combination that is sure to warm body and spirit.

Available for groups of 4-10, this is a lovely way to experience Asheville’s unique wellness culture in the heart of downtown. Add $5/person for this upgrade. Includes a pot of tea for every 4 guests.

To Book: Choose “Tea House Add-on” as an upgrade when reserving your group reading.


Hear what others have to say

  • We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Asheville Wellness Tours. Sue Ann and our Tarot reader were both wonderful and I can't recommend their services enough. Our experience was perfect from start to finish.

  • The Most Amazing Day, Thank you Kim, it was Everything We Wanted and more...What a way to Experience Asheville! From Yoga in the Park, Drum Healing Session, Honey Tasting And A Intro To Essential Oils !! We End ended With A Tea Tasting And A Tarot Card Reading , Which by the Way Never Have Done!!!!!! Best Day Ever, If you're coming to Asheville This Is the Way to Go!!! Asheville Wellness Tours!!! Thanks Kim You're Amazing!!!