How Group Yoga Can Help Boost Your Mental Health

Use private group yoga sessions with Asheville Wellness Tours to help boost your mental health. Self-care is so important, especially in these tough times.

Yoga is often praised for its ability to boost both our physical and mental health, and there’s no more important time than now to take good care of ourselves! At Asheville Wellness Tours, we’re especially in love with doing yoga on a mountaintop. These outdoor yoga sessions have been so popular this year…and it’s no wonder. We’re all craving connection and seeking the best ways to stay healthy in mind and body.

These are such challenging times for everyone, but we have found so much joy in sharing our yoga hikes to help friends and family stay connected and to feel better.

Here’s what we know about how yoga boosts your mental health…especially when you practice outdoors in our beautiful, wild world!

Yoga calms the mind

Those of us who regularly practice yoga are very familiar with its mental health benefits. But even the occasional yoga session can help calm your mind and center your focus. Psychologists agree that yoga can improve your mental health and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports yoga specifically for dealing with anxiety. Maybe you haven’t practiced yoga before, but you’re looking for ways to boost your mental health during this difficult year. We would highly recommend you try a private group yoga class for a supportive environment where you can learn, practice, and feel all the wonderful benefits of this ancient practice!

Group yoga helps us connect

Group yoga classes are such a meaningful experience for building and fostering connection. When we do these types of activities together, we strengthen our bonds over shared moments, making memories and maybe even crafting some inside jokes to keep us laughing for years to come! Doing a private group yoga class can bring together your friends and family into a shared moment where you can forge deeper bonds and offer each other support. During this terrible time of separation for so many, connecting through yoga (whether in-person or virtually!) can be truly meaningful.

Yoga hikes in the great outdoors feel safe

If you’re in the Asheville area, whether you live here or you’re visiting, we would love to welcome you on a yoga hike with your group of friends, family, or colleagues. Doing yoga in outdoor spaces, like our favorite local parks and even the mountains, offers a wonderful escape from the stresses of work and daily life. We love our group yoga hikes to get some fresh air, share a fun adventure together, and rejuvenate ourselves in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Sharing a space with only your own small private group is a safe way to make memories together right now.

Yoga with friends is fun!

Maybe you’re a fellow yogi or maybe you’re brand new to the practice. Either way, we can promise that sharing a yoga class with your friends will be so much fun! Laughter truly is medicinal and we love to share a fun, meaningful moment with you and your group. From silly poses for group photos to those simple moments of togetherness that bring a smile to your face, we’re always so honored when y’all welcome us to share in your joyful celebrations and special occasions. Let’s support each other, physically and emotionally, through this time. Yoga is the perfect balance to do just that!

We all value meaningful experiences

This year has certainly highlighted just how powerful meaningful connection can be. Many of us haven’t been able to see our loved ones in person; we’re missing hugs and social interactions. We’re craving meaningful experiences and missing those small moments of joy we took for granted before. Getting out into nature for a yoga hike can bring that meaning back into your day. Share this space and time together, valuing each other and the opportunity to spend special moments together. It’s the vital boost for our mental health and our emotional health that we all need right now!

We love to share special moments with visitors and locals alike here at Asheville Wellness Tours. We welcome you to explore our fun yoga hikes and please feel free to contact us with any questions whatsoever. We’re here for you and we would love to welcome you with open hearts to beautiful Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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