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Traveling to Asheville with a group? Bring your whole crew and leave the logistics to us! Whether you want a jam-packed itinerary to keep everyone entertained or you’re hoping to utterly unwind and enjoy a truly rejuvenating weekend together…we’ve got you covered. Our extensive wellness network in the Asheville area means we can plan the perfect group trip to Asheville for your unique needs!

From corporate retreats to celebrations of love and family, there’s something for everyone here in Asheville. Venture out into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains or downtown Asheville. Or let us bring the best of Asheville to your vacation rental or meeting rooms! We love helping groups explore and have fun while reconnecting with each other. Let us help you make the most of this time together.

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With Asheville Wellness Tours there are a plethora of activities to choose from, and we love to tailor the options to perfectly fit your group! Schedule a complimentary, 15 minute chat with our itinerary guru, Caitlin, so we can help make sure you have an incredibly rewarding and fun wellness experience.

Whether you have a quick question or want to talk through your full range of options, pick a time that works for you and talk to a real live human who can share local, insider recommendations. Talk to you soon!


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