On Site Wellness Experiences for Corporate Events

Let us come to your meeting or conference for wellness activities between work sessions

Team-building activities and wellness experiences in Asheville

Between meetings or conference events, schedule wellness experiences for your attendees or team! From tarot to yoga, massage to meditation, help them feel balanced and rejuvenated.

We know incorporating wellness into your company culture leads to improved productivity and job satisfaction, but the act of supporting deeper connections within your team or facilitating moments for meeting attendees to refocus and unwind is so much more than a simple statistical analysis. We’re here to help!

With a unique, eclectic menu of experiences and services on hand, we’re ready to customize the best meeting-break, weekend, or complete retreat possible. Whether it’s a cooking competition online, a team-building yoga hike, a tarot card reading for your leadership team, or a personal moment of deep reflection, our mission is to provide the space and time you need to unwind and fully enjoy.

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Proudly Providing Corporate Wellness Events for Companies Including:

Explore the corporate wellness possibilities

The following suggested activities offer an opportunity to connect with yourself and your work colleagues. Choose “a-la-carte” from the list below or schedule a free consultation to craft your perfect itinerary.

corporate yoga event

Yoga Sessions

Perfect for full sessions or mini-breaks throughout the day

Give your conference attendees space to breathe and move. Incorporate mini-sessions between meetings and events or offer full sessions at your event space or in the great Asheville outdoors.

We can accommodate any size group and incorporate additional extras to make your event special.

Possible options include:

  • 2-hour Hot Stones Restorative Session
  • Essential Oil Assisted Breathwork
  • Guided Mala Meditation
What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot Readings

Perfect for opening receptions

Perfect for your opening reception, lounge area, or happy hour, tarot readings let participants center their intentions for the conference or event.

An experienced tarot reader will be available for attendees to participate in either individual readings or group readings. 

When done in group settings, tarot readings often spark insightful conversations and can open up communication between participants. Whether coworkers or strangers, a group tarot reading can be enlightening and fun!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils Classes

Ideal for groups seeking alternative corporate wellness options

Tap into the expertise of a professional aromatherapist to help your conference attendees recharge and feel rejuvenated.

Options Include:

Essential Oil Assisted Breathwork Sessions: best for recharging in mini-sessions throughout the day

Mood Boost Bar: best for pre-function spaces incorporated into a “Recharge Lounge” or as a facilitated experience with the option to consult with a professional aromatherapist to discover the mix that’s best matched to your needs

Blending Workshops: best for creative team-building. Go hands-on under the expert direction of a professional aromatherapist and take your handcrafted blend with you as a resource through the remainder of your conference weekend!

Journey Through the Senses

Our most popular on-site package!

Set up a collection of wellness stations in a ballroom, conference room, pre-function space, or even outdoors! All experiences are designed to support deeper connections, offer opportunities to recharge, and increase attendee engagement and satisfaction.


  • Tea Ceremony & Mindfulness Session (an opportunity to drop into the senses)
  • Tarot Lounge (sense of intuition)
  • 6 Tastes of Ayurveda experience (sense of taste)
  • Chair Massage (sense of touch)
  • Essential Oil Assisted Breathwork or Mood Boost Essential Oil Bar (sense of smell)
  • Sound Journey (sense of sound)

Meditation & Mindfulness

Perfect for full sessions or mini-breaks throughout the day

Add mini-sessions between meetings to keep your participants refreshed and engaged or incorporate full sessions into your opening/closing to set the tone for team-building or creative brainstorming.

Options include:

  • Sound Journey
  • Tea ceremony (outdoors or on-site)
  • Mala Meditation (includes a take-home gift)
  • Create a full Recharge Lounge, a quiet space for reflection with options to have a facilitator onsite or simply a space styled with relaxation in mind. We know there will be an area to recharge our devices, add a space for attendees to recharge themselves!
Asheville Wellness Tours tarot reading couple

Other Corporate Activities

We can help you decide which activities best suit your event and group

The options are truly endless! Consider these activities or options for your corporate wellness event:

  • Chair or table massages
  • Dance Classes/Hip Hop Fitness
  • Cooking classes
  • Private chef services
  • Sips with a Somm (on-site wine tasting with a Sommelier)
  • Seasonal (Ayurvedic) Catered Lunch
  • “The Six-Tastes Experience” – Using Food as Medicine

Looking for a unique corporate wellness option?

We can match the “level” of mindfulness to the group culture. Have a group that’s all-in on wellness? We’re ready with Ayurvedic-inspired snack stations, essential oil mood-boost bars, tarot readings, and forest bathing adventures.

If your group is just beginning to explore what wellness might mean for them, we may recommend a simple, relaxing “mindfulness lounge” in your pre-function space, a guided hike that incorporates unobtrusive mindfulness practices along the way, cooking classes that focus on seasonal farm-to-table fare or even quick 5 minute movement or meditation practices between sessions rather than full classes to start the day.

Options range from traditional to eclectic and they’re all accessible to any level of experience. Have fun! You’re out of the office…why not explore something new and see if it sticks!

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Pick a time that works for you and talk to a real live human who can share local, insider recommendations. Talk to you soon!


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