Spring Wellness Mini-Retreats in Asheville

Refresh and rejuvenate in the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains this spring season

Explore Our Asheville Spring Retreat Possibilities

Experience the wonders of Asheville’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in spring – the season of revival and reinvigoration. Although we offer a full suite of wellness experiences in Asheville year-round, spring is the perfect time to add in a few season-specific experiences to support self-care and a wellness refresh. 

These mini-retreats are designed to connect you more deeply to yourself, each other, and Asheville, in alignment with the spring season.  Because they’re private/exclusive to each group, they can be reserved according to your schedule, releasing you from the constraints of a traditional retreat with set dates! Want even more flexibility? Schedule a free consultation to craft your perfect itinerary.

Fun on the Farm & Farm to Table

Connect with beautiful creatures and nourish your body with delicious, local food

Connect with beautiful animals and strengthen your inner self. Our animal-assisted wellness activities are a fun opportunity to feel a renewed closeness with the natural world while balancing your energy centers.

After your fulfilling yoga sessions, you’ll be in need of nourishment – let us bring Asheville’s exciting food scene to you, whether at your home or vacation rental. Get cozy as a private chef will prepare you a revitalizing meal built on harmonious flavors, using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. 


Equine Yoga: One-of-a-kind nature therapy – yoga on horseback!


Yoga With Baby Goats: Find your Zen & bend with goats!


A Private Chef Dinner


A Cooking Class (using seasonal, local farm-fresh ingredients)

Slow down and breathe the fresh air of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. 

To start the day right, you’ll have the choice between a session of Equine Yoga or Goat Yoga – these enriching classes are the perfect way to center yourself and connect physically, mentally, and spiritually to nature. 

Support happiness and wellbeing in the great outdoors. There’s no backdrop more enlivening than the majestic wildness of the mountains.

The therapeutic effects of time spent with our animal friends are extraordinary. This is your opportunity to unlock your inner wild child while enjoying yoga sessions guided by expert instructors. 

Later, we’ll have a private chef on hand to whip up a three-course, farm-to-table dinner while you’re relaxing. Yes, you can absolutely come to dinner in your pj’s and robe. Formal attire not required 😉

Or, if you like to let your creativity loose in the kitchen, we offer cooking classes where you’ll use the finest, locally-produced ingredients under the expert guidance of a local chef to learn the art of crafting food as delicious as it is nourishing. 

Want more? Add any of the following to turn this afternoon into a full day or weekend retreat:

  • Mobile Massage
  • Forest bathing walk
  • Sips with a Sommelier (a private wine tasting experience)

Flower Farm Brunch

Find your inner wild child in the season of all things new!


Yoga practice in a gorgeous flower field

A luxury picnic brunch

Wildflower picking and an optional flower crown workshop

Now, this is the quintessential springtime experience!

Venture out into the mountains and immerse yourself in the colors of spring. You’ll forge an intimate bond with Asheville’s natural landscape as you practice yoga in the heart of a flower field. 

With the long winter season behind us, we’ll savor time spent outdoors in mild, mountain weather as we enjoy a luxury picnic brunch.

Then we’ll head off for a walk and do some wildflower pick. An optional flower crown workshop is available for those of you feeling extra creative.

It’s amazing what nature reveals when we give ourselves permission to slow down, quiet our minds, and awaken our senses!

Want more? Add any of the following to craft a full weekend of rejuvenation and relaxation:

  • Mountaintop yoga hike

  • Tarot Reading

  • In-room massage

Day of Reconnection…

Invite balance and self care into this season of renewal


Forest Bathing

Authenticity Workshop

As the wild world shakes off the slumber of winter, reawaken your connection with yourself and enter this new season with greater clarity. 

Start your day with a forest bathing walk to slow down, connect to the moment, and harmonize with the extraordinary wild scenery that surrounds you.

Keep this trend going as you relax into guided breathwork, movement, and journaling at your home or accommodation, helping you connect more deeply with your inner truth and authentic self.

This full-day mini-retreat offers a balance of time in nature with an opportunity to explore your inner landscapes.

Want more? Add any of the following to craft a full weekend of rejuvenation and relaxation:

  • Tarot Reading

  • Private Chef Dinner

  • In-room massage

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