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Build your own weekend getaway or mini-retreat

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  • 3 Hrs
  • Max People: 1-15
  • Year Round
  • Trails are tailored to you!

Easy Guided Hikes with Mindfulness Focus

Embark on a journey of serenity and self-discovery with our revitalizing hikes designed for both body and soul! Whether you seek healing, stress relief, or simply a break from the hustle and bustle, let our experienced guides lead you through an enchanting escape into the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville and Western North Carolina.

We believe there is a time to do and a time to do nothing. Together, we will explore and move our bodies, while also making time for silence and stillness so you can truly appreciate the spectacular scenery. Experience the power of presence on the trail – we promise your hikes will never be the same!

Regularly Scheduled Community Hikes:

Join our Public Hikes for an invigorating yet mindful adventure. Connect with like-minded individuals, share the joy of discovery, and revel in the wonders of easy to moderate terrains. As we challenge our bodies, we also invite stillness, creating a harmonious atmosphere where the therapeutic benefits of nature take center stage.

Private Hikes:

Seeking a more personalized experience? Our Private Hikes are crafted to cater to your unique desires. Choose from easy strolls to advanced trails, savoring your preferred vistas – be it cascading waterfalls, panoramic mountain-top views, or serene forest trails. Our knowledgeable guides, intimately acquainted with the local landscape, ensure you embark on a journey perfectly tailored to your fitness level and aspirations.

What makes our guided hiking tours different?

At Asheville Wellness Tours, we believe in finding the perfect balance between movement, physical activity, adventure, and stillness. Our guided hikes seamlessly blend exploration with moments of tranquility, allowing you to unwind, unplug, and fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Discover the profound emotional and physical benefits of being present in the moment – particularly in nature! Let the trail be your guide to relaxation, rejuvenation, and a deeper connection with yourself, fellow adventurers, and the awe-inspiring natural beauty that surrounds you. Your hikes with us are not just walks; they are transformative experiences that will leave you refreshed, inspired, and ready to embrace life with renewed vigor.

Ready to redefine your hiking experience? Join us on a trail where every step is a celebration of well-being and every moment is an opportunity to find harmony in the heart of nature!

Regularly Scheduled Guided Hikes
  • Join in with other like-minded adventurers on a regularly scheduled guided hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • $95/person
  • Available on select weekends year round. Morning and sunset options (in season)
Make it Private!
  • Reserve a customized private hiking adventure exclusively for you and your crew.
  • Base price = $750 (includes up to 6 guests)
  • Additional guests = $125/person
  • Available daily, year round. Start time is up to you!
  • Book a private hike for your group

Pairs well with...

Yoga Class: Start (or end) your day with a private yoga session at your home or vacation rental. We’ll bring the mats!

Mobile Massage: Relax, we’ll come to you! Unwind at your vacation rental.

Tarot Reading: Connect through the cards and cultivate deeper bonds.

Book more than one experience and enjoy a package discount! Get in touch to benefit from this deal.

FAQ (Yoga Hikes)

How tough is the trail?

Total mileage = 2 miles. Easy/moderate

The hike begins with a forested, 1 mile steady (but not steep) incline with some switchbacks and a couple of sections that have stairs built into the earth. Once you’re at the summit, you’ll pause to settle in then enjoy a 45-60min yoga flow suitable for all levels. Finally, you’ll hike 1 mile along a steady (but not steep) downhill on a forest road that will complete the loop back to your car.

If you’re concerned about pacing or are a beginner hiker, no need to worry! We’re not in a rush or race and always encourage you to hike at your own pace. The guide will pause regularly along the way to share stories of the area and fun facts about nature. We keep our groups small so your guide can better personalize the experience and manage pacing according to the group.

Do I need prior yoga experience?

Nope! The yoga session is appropriate for all levels and is a great introduction to the practice and a sweet opportunity to stretch & move even if you haven’t tried it yet. All of our instructors are accustomed to teaching to varied levels of experience and will be happy to offer modifications and prompts throughout the class.

What should I wear?

Wear any light, flexible, weather appropriate clothing that you’re comfortable moving your body in. I recommend synthetic, quick drying fabrics. Avoid cotton at all costs! Closed toe shoes and a rainproof layer are critical.

Because the weather here can vary dramatically, dressing in layers will be your key to comfort. Remember that temperatures in the mountains can be 10-20 degrees cooler than in town so a warm, dry upper layer is always recommended even if it looks like a hot day. If you’re hiking in Spring, Fall or Winter, I also recommend bringing gloves and a winter hat just in case. Your rain jacket can double as a wind breaker. Ponchos are ok too!

Sun protection like sunscreen, hat, or long sleeves is critical year round as your yoga practice takes place on the sunny summit.

What should I bring?

I recommend bringing a small day bag for your personal items. Make sure to bring rain protection (rain jacket or poncho) no matter what the forecast says, a full water bottle, sun protection, and any critical medications.

Your instructor will provide a yoga mat and carrying strap for your comfort.

What about the weather?

Weather is part of the practice! We will hike rain or shine so please check the weather, dress accordingly, and always bring rain protection. Sometimes, weather may prevent us from holding a yoga practice while on the trail. In those cases, the following will apply:

  • PUBLIC HIKES: If weather prevents practice while on the trail, we will issue you a store credit for use on a future public yoga hike so you can try again for clearer weather!
  • PRIVATE HIKES: With at least 48hrs notice, you may elect to switch to a private class at your rental (depending on location) or a local studio (additional $50 rental fee, pending availability). An Asheville Wellness Tours trip planner would be happy to discuss these and other options with you prior to your arrival. No refunds or store credits will be issued for no-shows. 

If Asheville Wellness Tours cancels for any reason, we will refund your purchase in full or reschedule you if you prefer.

One important note about this adventure that I cannot stress enough: I encourage you to not allow a sketchy forecast dampen your spirits. The weather here is incredibly difficult to predict and we often enjoy sunny skies when rain is in the forecast or run into a heavy downpour when we expected bright sunshine. Our instructors are wonderful at adapting the practice to the weather and it’s all part of the adventure out here! It’s all part of the practice (and the fun) if you allow it to be!

How do we get there?

The trail is approximately 40 minutes SE from downtown Asheville.

You will receive detailed driving instructions in your confirmation email. You are responsible for getting yourself to/from the trailhead. It is important to note that, while an Uber/Lyft may bring you to the trail, they will NOT pick you up from the trail head. If you do not have transportation, we recommend reaching out to AVL Ride several days in advance of your arrival. The team there is familiar with the trailhead and will pre-arrange round trip transportation for some of the most reasonable rates in town.

After receiving your confirmation email, please take a look at your route and estimated travel time a day or two prior to your yoga hike so you know how to prepare. I also recommend snapping a screenshot of the directions before leaving town in case you lose cell service along the way. Driving in the mountains is different than cruising down the highway so assume the drive will take at least 10mins more than what Google Maps estimates just in case.

NOTE: the hike begins NO LATER than 10mins after start time. Parties who are 10+ mins late may be left behind and no refunds will be issued.

How many hikers can you accommodate?

Public Hikes: we like to keep our public hikes small and intimate with a maximum group size of 15 and a minimum of 2 so you have plenty of opportunities to connect with other hikers or have space to connect with yourself.

Private Hikes: private yoga hikes are available year-round any day of the week for groups of 4-30.  Larger groups may be accommodated upon request with advanced notice.

What kinds of groups choose yoga hikes?

This is a great option for groups celebrating special occasions like birthdays, bachelorette parties, girls getaways, retirement, and family. A yoga hike is also a nice, creative outing for corporate groups interested in creative team building experiences or those who like to balance a hectic meetings schedule with an opportunity to unplug and refocus.

Who is my guide?

All guides hold a minimum 200hr yoga certification and a passion for sharing the story of Asheville and our stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. Throughout the experience, please consider your local guide a resource! They love to chat about unique approaches to wellness, our wild natural world, and have allllll the recommendations for what to do around town.

Are these yoga hikes family-friendly?

Any children under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian present to sign their liability waiver. For families with children 12 and younger, please contact us to schedule a Private Yoga Hike any day of the week.

Can I bring my pet?

Though pets are not allowed on public hikes, we love your fur babies and are happy to have them join in the fun! We’ve even had kitty cats join us! Please reserve a Private Hike (available daily year round). Pets must be on leash while on this private property.

What is the cancellation policy?

Regularly scheduled, public hikes:

Cancellations more than 72 hrs prior to your scheduled experience are refundable minus a $10/person admin fee or you may choose a store credit for 100% of your purchase price. Cancellations between 0-72 hrs prior to your experience are non-refundable and no refunds or trip credits will be issued for no-shows.

NOTE: out of respect for other guests, the hike begins NO LATER than 10mins after start time. Parties who are 10+ mins late may be left behind and no refunds will be issued.

Private, custom departure hikes:

Full group cancellations more than 7 days prior to your scheduled experience are refundable minus a $10/person admin fee or you may choose a store credit for 100% of your purchase price. Out of respect for your guide’s time, full group cancellations between 7-0 days prior to your experience are non-refundable and no store credits will be issued within that window.

Group size decreases will be accepted up to 72hrs prior to your scheduled experience without penalty as long as minimum group size thresholds are met. Group size decreases between 72-0 hours prior to your scheduled experience are non-refundable and no store credits will be issued within that window.

Health Considerations:

If you feel ill, are experiencing Covid-related symptoms, or have been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of Covid 19 in the past week, please stay home and let us know as soon as possible. Our stated cancellation policy will still apply. If you are concerned about the risks of last minute cancellation, please consider taking out travel insurance.

These minimums and policies ensure all experience providers, admin team members, guides, and instructors are paid a living wage for their work. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to remain as flexible as possible!

If Asheville Wellness Tours cancels for any reason, we will either reschedule you or refund your purchase in full.

Should I tip my guide?

Tips are never obligatory but are always appreciated. If you feel you had a wonderful experience, the average amount shared is $5-20/person.

Another way to show your appreciation is to share a review of your experience online and give your hardworking guide a shout-out. Your kind words mean more than you know! You can find us on TripAdvisorGoogleFacebook, and Yelp