COVID Canceled Bachelorette?

Did COVID-19 get in the way of your besties bachelorette party?! Dang!  Since March, all mass gatherings, under the recommendation of the CDC, including weddings, are to be postponed until COVID has subsided.

If you had to cancel your celebration, Asheville Wellness Tours is here to help! We are experts at planning alternative bachelorette parties; and with our creativity we will help you plan the most EPIC #Quaranteam bachelorette party.

Here are our tips to planning a rocking virtual bachelorette party:

Tip #1: Create a cute e-vite for the virtual bash

An evite is just as important for a virtual party as it is for your in-person bash.  We know, this isn’t the ideal plan, but it is still a special occasion and your besties need to know!  You can send out a cute invitation using evite or paperless post.  Be sure to include all the deets such as day, time and weblink to zoom party!

Tip #2: Choose meaningful online activities

Avoid making the party just another Zoom call with everyone talking over one another. Plan out the itinerary! Have a game plan! You can even have someone else facilitate an experience for you and then follow up with your own private happy hour. Our favorite virtual experiences are:

Virtual Dance Classes

Gather your group (virtually, of course!) and get your blood pumping with sassy new movies. 

Virtual Tarot Readings

Your group session will begin with an intention-setting.  From there, each participant draws a card whose symbolism and possible messages will be interpreted by the reader. Often rowdy and always soulful, a tarot reading can spark profound conversations and strengthen vital friendships.

Make a Toast

Have you tried House Party? This app allows you to connect deeper one on one and chat with the group.  Pop some bubbly, play some cheesy bachelorette games and enjoy time with your friends. 

Tip #3: Make the bride feel special

Coronavirus has been stressful on so many levels, especially for brides to be.  Make her feel special!  Send her gifts that match the theme of the rocking virtual bachelorette party you are throwing! 

Get your ladies some swag as well!  Cups, sashes, candles, bring it on! 

Tip #4: do a test run

If you DIY this virtual bash, be sure and do a test run.  Technology is great, but it is always best to do a test run to make sure everything is running smoothly. Just choose one or two of the party-goers who are willing to hop on early and you’re prepped for fun!

Remember, you do not have to plan this on your own!  Here at Asheville Wellness Tours, we are happy to help!  And now that we are virtual, we can help you anywhere in the world!

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