How To: Plan a Destination Bachelorette Party

Did your bestie just get engaged? Is she hoping to combine the two best things – friends and travel?  Help her dreams come true by planning a Destination Bachelorette Party using these steps.

Here are our steps to planning the perfect Destination Bachelorette Party:

 Photo by Kevin Grieve Photo by Kevin Grieve

1. Set the Tone

Check in with the Bride & Bridesmaids. What does the bride have in mind for her pre-wedding getaway?  Would she prefer the beach or the mountains? Star gazing while glamping or city lights? Does she want a small, intimate group or a big ole party? You can go ahead and brainstorm some locations in this step but narrow the list down to a max of 3 possibilities and move on to step 2.

Pro Tip: as the organizer, you’re going to drive yourself crazy if you provide the group with too many options throughout this process. Setting the tone with the bride’s happiness in mind will help you narrow down options in later steps. Save your sanity!

2. Set a Budget

Now that you know roughly how many folks will be invited, the vibe you’re aiming for (laid back? glam?), and how far you might travel, it’s critical to figure out how much your group is willing to spend.  We suggest using an anonymous google poll to collect a little more information from the group. You can also include questions about how far folks are willing to travel and how much vacation time they have.  Navigating finances can be especially tricky, so it is good to start communication early.

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 Photo by RawPixel Photo by RawPixel

3. Pick Your Ideal Location

Cities are great for Bachelorettes, as they lend themselves to a range of activities and amenities. Our favorite Bachelorette town (we may be a little biased), is Asheville, North Carolina, with its stunning mountains, rich history, abundance of beer, delicious food and beautiful art. Plus, Asheville Wellness Tours can help you plan; it is what we do best! There are so many amazing destinations to choose from, so make sure the location captures the interests of the bride and your tribe.


4. Choose Accommodations

Once you have settled on a destination, the next step is to book your accommodations.  Keeping your budget and getaway vibe in mind, decide on a category of lodging: AirBnB, vacation rental, Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, etc. From there, we recommend presenting a max of 3 options to the bride (and maybe to the group too). Remember to keep it simple and don’t overwhelm folks with options or you’ll disappear into the details!

Topics to discuss: do you prefer to be in the midst of the action or in a peaceful cabin with a view? How many bathrooms do you need? Is it important to have a kitchen or will you eat out most of the time?

Pro Tip: Depending on the size of the group, we always recommend staying in a vacation rental when possible. You’ll have more opportunities to bond, can stock the fridge and stay in if you’re on a budget (or just want to relax), and there are tons of fun services/experiences that can come to you to simplify the logistics of getting folks from place to place (think Mobile Massage, Private Group Yoga Classes, Tarot Readings, and more).


5. Plan Your Weekend!

Start planning your weekend activities! We suggest sprinkling organized group activities throughout the weekend to keep you all together and engaged…especially if all of the guests do not already know each other. Here in Asheville, Yoga on the Mountain Hikes, Winery Tours, and Goat Yoga are popular options. Sticking with a max of 2 organized activities per day will allow for plenty of flexibility and down time while giving you a good sense of the destination you’re visiting. You don’t want to be so busy that you miss out on time to slow down, celebrate the bride-to-be, and get to know each other.

6. Don’t Forget About the Logistics  

Take care of the logistics in advance so you can relax into the experience once you arrive.  Details such as dietary concerns, rooming requests, and arrival and departure constraints are important questions to ask.  We recommend using google sheets to keep everything organized. Write up a quick itinerary for the weekend with info like meeting points and contact info for organized activities, some suggestions for things to do during moments of down time, anything special they’ll need to remember to pack, and any surprises you might have planned for the bride-to-be. With all of this info available ahead of time, folks can get any questions or concerns out of the way before you arrive.

 Photo by Kelsey Chance Photo by Kelsey Chance


7. Collect Payment!!!

Absolutely, 100%, make sure you collect payment before the trip.  Consider asking participants to transfer money by a set date to guarantee their spot. We love PayPal & Venmo for this but there are tons of options. Having the money collected and arrangements paid for in advance will ensure that you (and the bride!) have a smooth and stress free weekend once the party starts. You’ll also want to note that payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Take the responsibility off your shoulders by explaining in advance that you’ll be required to pre-pay for things like accommodation, activities, etc so the money won’t stay in your hands. Folks should consider traveler’s insurance if they think they may need to cancel.

Now that you have all the details taken care of, it’s time to party!  We hope our tips will help you have the best weekend ever!

Traveling to Asheville and want some help? That’s what we’re here for! Easing the strain of logistics and supporting you in the planning process are some of our favorite roles to play. Get in touch anytime!