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Build your own weekend getaway or mini-retreat

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  • 15 min - 1 HourPer Person
  • 1 - 10 Per ReaderContact us for larger groups
  • All Year Round

Online tarot readings for groups, couples, teams, or just you!

Our virtual tarot readings are a wonderful way to break through the superficial and cultivate a deeper bond with your friends, family, or coworkers!

Recent years have seen many of us physically separated from our loved ones, and yet, we’re online more than ever before – a virtual tarot reading is a perfect opportunity to bring everyone together for a meetup!

Often rowdy and always soulful, as soon as you start a tarot reading session, you’ll feel like you’ve all been reunited under one roof. Tarot can spark profound conversations and strengthen vital friendships.

Seeking an even more intimate experience? Book a tarot reading for just you or for you and a partner. Dive even deeper with one-on-one attention! Our online tarot readings are the perfect way to meaningfully connect to a trained tarot reader while enjoying the freedom to attend from home, wherever you may be. 

How a virtual tarot reading works:

Your online tarot reading will begin with an intention-setting, guided meditation. From there, each participant will enjoy a 10-15 minute personalized reading of the cards whose symbolism and possible messages will be interpreted. The cards anchor us back into larger cycles of growth, provide solace through tough times, and encourage us to stay on our path.

The central question the card is meant to address is, “What is it that I need to focus on at this moment to take the next step towards realizing my heart’s desire?” Readings can, though, focus specifically on any aspect of your life, such as your career or relationships.

This event is fun and illuminating, offering everyone a deeper connection to everyday magic.

Perfect for Groups of All Sizes!

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

    Planning a party for a bride or groom-to-be? A virtual tarot reading is a truly unique way to bring your group together.

    There’s nothing more disappointing than hearing that old friends or relatives can’t attend the event you’re organizing – incorporating virtual activities in your bachelor/bachelorette means everyone can be involved!

    And in our experience, the nature of tarot readings is just perfect for making meaningful connections between party guests who don’t yet know each other so well or are meeting for the first time.  

  • Corporate Events

    Gone are the days when planning team-building exercises and office activities are cause for a headache!

    The flexibility of organizing a virtual tarot reading session means literarily hundreds of staff members can participate (previous virtual tours have involved as many as 200 participants!).

    The possibilities are endless when we’re arranging things virtually. Teams can attend together from one location, or employees can visit our virtual tarot tables when the time is right for them!

Attending an online tarot reading:

  • Online Readings: Wherever you are, join our expert tarot reader remotely for an unforgettably rewarding experience. Connect with your crew and experience a bit of Asheville…no matter how far apart you may be!


  • Base Price = $160 total (includes up to 4 guests, 1 hour total)
  • Additional guests = $40/person (approximately 10-15 mins per person)

Coming to Asheville?

Join us in person for a tarot reading in Asheville. On your own, with your friends or family, or in a corporate team-building experience…tarot readings are such fun bonding opportunities!

Pairs well with...

Craft a full online wellness retreat or book a virtual wellness series by combining the following:

Virtual Yoga: A guided session catered to your style and group.

Virtual Forest Bathing: Experience the therapeutic power of nature.

Guided Meditation: Perfect for all levels to enjoy!

Book more than one experience and enjoy a package discount. Get in touch to benefit from this deal.


What is Tarot?

The ancient archetypes of the tarot connect us to larger cycles of growth, provide solace through tough times, and encourage us to stay on our path. We have a blog explaining more: What is Tarot?

Does a Tarot reading predict the future?

We like to think that tarot highlights areas of your life that you are ready to look at, rather than predicting the future.

Where do we meet?

We will meet you online for a virtual tarot reading…no matter where in the world you may be. Common platforms include Zoom, Google Meet, Remo, and similar. We can set up a Zoom link for your crew or are happy to have our tarot readers join a session on your platform. Whatever works best for you and the flow of your event!

How does a Virtual Tarot Reading work?

Click BOOK NOW to reserve your desired date and time. We’ll send a Zoom link to each member of your group prior to your chosen start time. We recommend logging in a few minutes early to troubleshoot any technical difficulties and settle in before your reading.

From there, a professional tarot reader will join in to guide your experience. Begin with a moment for intention-setting before you each receive a reading, approximately 10-15 minutes per person, depending on your group size. For groups larger than 10 or for groups with time constraints, we can have multiple tarot readers available and send either individuals or small groups into breakout rooms to maximize your time. See “how does a group tarot reading work” above for more info specific to groups.

What if I have a large group or a corporate group?

We can easily accommodate large groups, including corporate groups, by sending multiple readers, varying the flow of the session, or facilitating a workshop rather than individual readings. We have many creative options for you depending on the size of your group, the goal of your gathering, and any time constraints you may have. Both in-person and virtual tarot readings are available.

Send us an email at or call 828-407-0711 and we’ll get to work crafting the best tarot experience for your group.

What is your cancellation policy for tarot readings?

Full group cancellations more than 72 hrs prior to your scheduled experience are refundable minus a $10/person admin fee plus any fees charged by our local partners or you may choose a store credit for 100% of your purchase price. Out of respect for the reader’s time, cancellations between 0-72 hrs prior to your experience are non-refundable.

NOTE: If individual members of your party need to cancel due to Covid, we will refund that group member in full provided minimum thresholds for group size are met (ie: we have a minimum charge of $160 for private tarot readings). These minimums ensure all experience providers, guides, instructors, etc are paid a living wage for their work. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to remain as flexible as possible in uncertain times!