What Are the Benefits of Corporate Wellness?

Over the past decade (and especially following the pandemic!) there has been a boom in interest in corporate wellness. The drive in interest has not only been led by employers aiming to grow their businesses, but also by workers themselves — employee well-being is now (finally!) being recognized as non-negotiable.

Given the long hours we spend at work, it should come as no surprise that staff members are looking for more than productivity charts and meeting rooms. Attending work can be a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and find a genuine sense of fulfillment. For corporations, a focus on workers as individuals is a fantastic chance to stand apart with a unique corporate identity.

We offer a variety of corporate wellness retreats that you can offer your team. Join virtually from anywhere in the world or on-site or off-site in Asheville. Community wellness and deeper connections have long been the driving force behind everything we do. We love sharing those values with our corporate guests.

But what are the actual benefits associated with corporate wellness? Below, we’ll go through some of the core benefits that explain why so many companies are increasing their focus on corporate wellness.

Employee Satisfaction and Improved Health

Corporate wellness was a hot topic in 2021, with lots of media coverage of the many benefits associated with a focus on wellness in the workplace. From de-stressing to giving more attention to your mental health, employee well-being has been propelled to the top of the agenda. 

A 2021 study carried out by life insurance firm MetLife showed that, for 72% of employees, the health and safety of themselves and their families is more important now than ever before. The same report also shows that with the implementation of more flexible working routines, employees understandably expect more support. 

From worry and anxiety to sleep disorders and poor dietary habits, job dissatisfaction has been linked to various behaviors that affect your overall health. It can make for gloomy reading…

But, don’t worry, there’s good news! 

Workplace satisfaction can be improved with corporate wellness. Research has shown that much more attention is being paid to employee wellness. And those who invest in wellness programs are more likely to find themselves with a motivated, fulfilled, and healthy workforce. 

Some studies show job satisfaction improving by as much as 88% for companies that offer corporate wellness programs. 

The interconnectedness of our physical and mental health is no longer in dispute: good physical health demands mental wellbeing

Given the amount of time we will spend working, improving job satisfaction should be vitally important. A corporate wellness program can help us on the right path! 

The friendship, fun, and physical fitness associated with activities like yoga, hiking, meditation, dance classes and more can rejuvenate staff, making everybody more comfortable at work. 

We even love recommending walking meetings. Yep…even just a simple stroll around the block while meeting counts on this list!

Ready to chat about our corporate wellness options? Find out more about our virtual experiences or our on-site and off-site options here in Asheville.

Employee Retention

For employers, one of the standout benefits of corporate wellness undoubtedly comes from holding on to your employees. As we touched upon in our previous blog defining what wellness is, the wellbeing of employees is not just about their physical health. 

Exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and social connectedness all play their part in our overall sense of wellness. A company educated in all things wellness is going to see an array of benefits, none more so than in increased rates of employee retention.

What do you need if you want to provide the best possible service within your business field? An experienced, expert workforce is probably going to be pretty high on your list!

It’s well understood that the teambuilding and health aspects of corporate wellness activities boost productivity. But even an enthused, reinvigorated workforce is going to underperform if they lack the requisite knowledge to do their job correctly. 

Turnover in competitive corporate environments is high, but by investing in the health and wellbeing of staff, companies will see a much higher level of employee retention. This means having a workforce that possesses a large pool of collective knowledge and expertise. 

Businesses do not have to keep unnecessarily spending money on training new staff members if they have teams invested in flourishing within their current roles. 

And, let’s face it, employees are always going to be happier knowing that they have experienced colleagues and old friends to turn to at work rather than a carousel of unfamiliar, new team members! 

Finally, when a company does have to hire new staff members, research has shown that employees at companies with corporate wellness programs are 67% more likely to recommend their workplace as an excellent place to work, thereby helping HR find candidates.

Career Development and Personal Growth

This brings us to another benefit of corporate wellness: personal development! 

At Asheville Wellness Tours, we have provided corporate wellness events for many well-known companies. We’ve seen the positivity, confidence, and sense of belonging that comes with participation in wellness activities. 

Suppose a worker can look forward to attending work each day and know that they have the support of a close network of colleagues. In that case, that individual will be in the best place to realize their full potential.  

Bearing this in mind, it should come as no surprise to read that personalized wellness was one of 2021’s leading workplace wellness trends. From on-demand fitness classes to subscriptions to self-care apps, such bespoke wellness options are increasingly being included in corporate benefits packages. 

Healthcare and Absenteeism

Take a look at the data, and you will be stunned by the enormous sums of revenue lost each year due to absenteeism in the US. It is now accepted that investment in workplace wellness could save hundreds of millions of dollars per annum through the reduction of workplace absenteeism.  

If a workforce is continually battling sickness that causes employees to stay home or prevent them from taking care of their everyday duties, it simply cannot function at its optimal level. And the employer will lose a great deal of money through their employees missing work. 

The positive news: much of this sickness is preventable. Of course, the recent pandemic has shown us that waves of illness can take us all by surprise, and a certain amount of absenteeism is unavoidable within a workplace. But a company that cares about its employees is much less likely to find itself operating with a depleted workforce.

Corporate wellness keeps these figures to a minimum. 

A significant amount of ill health is linked to lifestyle choices and poor physical and mental health. Corporate wellness can assist in educating staff members on healthy eating, enjoying daily exercise, de-stressing and so much more. 

By investing in the fitness of their employees, employers are much more likely to find they have a healthy team attending work each morning. And employees will find their working life is in the enjoyable and welcoming environment they deserve!

Of course, these are just some of the great benefits of corporate wellness. There are many more that are less measurable, but we’ve witnessed the joy and genuine appreciation from staff when they have wellness incorporated into their work days.

If you have any questions about our wellness tours or corporate wellness opportunities, we’d love to hear from you! Schedule a call to chat about your corporate wellness plans.

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