How Group Yoga Can Help Boost Your Mental Health

At Asheville Wellness Tours, group yoga sessions are just one of the methods we use to help support your personal wellness journey. Today we thought we’d share with you all just some of the benefits that come with group yoga practice specifically.

If you’re looking for a way to practice mindfulness and meditation, take a look at our wellness tours in Asheville or our virtual wellness options if you’re not in the Asheville area. In particular, check out our private group yoga class options, which are available in-person or online. 

We love helping you unwind and take the time to take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

Yoga Class

The Energy of Group Yoga

Yoga is often praised for its ability to boost both our physical and mental health, and there’s no more critical time than now to take good care of ourselves! 

We’ve already discussed the mental health benefits of yoga and meditation, so we wanted to focus on the community aspect of group yoga this time.

Those who regularly practice yoga will be familiar with its many benefits. But even the occasional yoga session can help calm your mind and center your focus. Psychologists agree that yoga can improve your mental health, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports yoga specifically for dealing with anxiety.

But the energy found in group yoga sessions is uniquely special! 

Whether you’ve decided to take a fun yoga hike with us in Asheville, you’re attending a class at a local gym, or you’re connecting online, you’re sure to find that a group session gives you an added boost. 

As we practice yoga, we seek to find our flow and channel inner stores of energy. Participating in a group yoga class provides a sense of harmony and connection that really enhances the wellness experience. Working on asanas as a group allows us to build shared energy that’s really inspiring.

If you’re new to yoga, the energy of a group class can be just the lift you need to get going. If you already practice yoga as an individual, group classes will make the perfect accompaniment to your regular routine. 

Building Friendships Through Group Yoga

In addition to the energy that comes with group yoga, there’s also the joy that comes with building new friendships or maintaining existing ones. 

The importance of friendship to our health and well-being is greater than ever before. The past couple of years have brought into focus our basic human need for connection – group wellness activities are often an excellent way to enjoy meaningful, mindful time spent with others.

Group yoga classes are such a worthwhile experience for building and fostering connections. When we do these activities together, we strengthen our bonds over shared moments, making memories and maybe even crafting some inside jokes to keep us laughing for years to come! 

Doing a private group yoga class can bring together your friends and family into a shared moment where you can forge deeper bonds and offer each other support.

There’s no better way to get to know people than through participating in a common interest. Whether you’re looking to meet new people while doing something healthy or to enjoy some downtime with coworkers, a group yoga class is just the place for friendships to blossom.

Personal Development Opportunities

In recent years, many of us have begun practicing yoga at home, whether we’re taking our guidance from a book or from YouTube. Its accessibility and known health benefits mean that yoga is now being practiced by around 80 million people in the US alone

Especially during the pandemic, yoga has felt like one of the best ways to stay active, motivated, and stress-free without even leaving home.

But we’re all human. Sometimes, despite our good intentions, we drop our healthy new routines just as soon as we’ve started them. 

This is where a group yoga class can make all the difference! 

Participating in yoga as part of a community can be just what you need to really solidify yoga’s place in your weekly routine. The accountability and routine of showing up together regularly can be just the magic we need to stick to this wellness path.

Of course, the beauty of yoga is that you’ll be able to take everything you gain from group sessions into your own personal practice, too.

If you’re exploring wellness activities that you can practice daily for your mental well-being, you might also like our guide to mindfulness, meditation, and prayer.

Support and Encouragement From Your Community 

There’s a lot to be said for setting personal goals and working towards them. And there’s no doubt that enthusiastic practitioners can really develop their yoga practice on their own. 

The internet has introduced so many people to positive wellness activities in recent years, it’s extraordinary! 

But the encouragement you’ll find in a group yoga class is priceless.

Sometimes it’s a kind word from a member of your group, or a little piece of guidance from your teacher or someone who’s learning alongside you. The sense of belonging that comes with group yoga can be invaluable to your own evolution within the practice.

Having a welcoming group of fellow learners around you will give you confidence in yourself and inspiration to develop further.

We would highly recommend you try a private group yoga class for a supportive environment where you can learn, practice, and feel all the beautiful benefits of this ancient practice!

If you’ve had positive experiences with yoga you’d like to share with us or have any questions regarding our full selection of wellness activities, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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