How To Plan an Alternative Bachelorette Party in Asheville

When you think of bachelorette parties, do drinking, dancing, and sash-wearing come to mind? Do you or your bestie want something even more unique than a traditional bachelorette? We are here to help!

You don’t have to do all the traditional bachelorette party stuff if that’s not your style. Plan an alternative bachelorette party in Asheville — our quirky mountain town is the perfect setting for a fun celebration without all the cliches.

Of course, if you want to wear a sash and a tiara, we’re here for that too. You do you!

After all, you can totally rock a Future Mrs sash while in a downward dog pose on a mountaintop…we’ve seen it done.

If you’re planning an Asheville bachelorette party, we’d love to make it the best it can possibly be. Schedule a free travel planning call with us so we can tell you more about these options below…plus other Asheville insider tips!

Here are our top suggestions for an Alternative Bachelorette Party activities in Asheville, NC for every type of bride:

  1. Yoga Hikes
  2. Whitewater Rafting
  3. Zip Lining
  4. SUP Yoga
  5. Cooking Class
  6. Private Chef
  7. Tarot Reading
  8. Massage
  9. Yoga Class
  10. Salt Cave

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For the Outdoorsy Bride-to-Be

How Group Yoga Can Help Boost Your Mental Health

Hike to the Summit!

For your nature-loving bride, take the crew outside! Our favorite outdoor activity is a fun Hiking Yoga Tour. It is the perfect way to unplug, unwind and connect with your girls. 

Here at Asheville Wellness Tours, we offer a 2-mile round trip hike to a mountaintop with stunning views, plus an hour of yoga for all levels at the summit. We bring the mats, you bring your spirit of adventure!


  • Daily departures available for private groups
  • Plan for approximately 3 hours
  • Minimum group size is 6 (or a flat fee for smaller groups)

Get Adventurous

Step outside your comfort zone and go for an adrenaline-pumping adventure. In Asheville, we are blessed with the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains, which lend themselves to all sorts of wild outdoor activities. Two of our favorites are zip-lining and whitewater rafting.

Zip-lining: What could be more exhilarating than flying through the mountain tops?! The side-by-side ziplines and fast speeds make this experience so unique. There is really no better way to experience the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Starting at $99.95/person, approximately 3 hours.

White Water Rafting: Our favorite way to experience the Pisgah National Forest is on the whitewater rapids. The pros at French Broad Rafting will give you more than just a river trip. They share the history of the river, paddling techniques, and river safety. Have the time of your life, and make all sorts of memories with your gal pals. Trip options range from 3 – 6 hours.


  • Add whitewater rafting or ziplining to any experience from our “menu” of tours or make it part of your custom girls’ getaway itinerary. You’ll get exclusive discounts when you create a custom trip with us!

Try Yoga on the Water

Taking your practice out of the studio into this wild world of ours is one of the things we love best! Discover balance, strengthen your core, and challenge yourself in your practice (even if you’re a beginner!) with a SUP Yoga class.

It’s empowering, invigorating, centering…and fun! Don’t laugh too hard when your friend falls in and takes a surprise swim…you’re likely next 🙂


  • Board rental included
  • Daily departures available for private groups
  • Plan for approximately 1.5 hours
  • Takes place just a few miles from downtown Asheville!

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For the Foodie Bride-to-Be

Take a Cooking Class

Stay in and create a perfect meal together with a fun Asheville cooking class! We’ll send a chef to your vacation rental or can send you to the chef’s private home in the mountains! 

Explore a variety of cooking techniques, local ingredients, and exotic cuisines. You may even elect to visit local farmer’s markets with your private guide and then create a masterpiece of a meal from the ingredients you gather there. 

Learn about the history of the dish, cooking techniques, and presentations. Everyone will learn every single dish and will be provided with the recipes!


  • Classes can take place at your vacation rental, the chef’s private home, or even online!

Hire a Private Chef for a night

Wrangling a group together to head out for dinner can be a challenge! Skip the stress, let the chef come to you instead.

Bring the restaurant experience into your home or vacation rental with a private chef who will help you craft the perfect menu, do the grocery shopping, and let you experience Asheville’s awesome foodie scene.

For the other nights you’re in town, check out the top Asheville restaurants for groups and book early!

For the Eclectic Bride-to-Be

Connect with a Tarot Reading

Seeking a bit of clarity and direction on your journey? Group tarot sessions are fun and allow for deeper connections within your group. 

This is the perfect alternative bachelorette party activity that everyone will enjoy!

New to tarot? Here is what to expect: Sessions will begin with a brief journaling exercise and a guided meditation. Each participant chooses a single card whose meaning will be explained within the supportive group.

The question the card is meant to address is, “What is it that I need to focus on at this moment to take the next step towards realizing my heart’s desire?” It’s a wonderful bonding experience!


  • The minimum group size is 4 or a one-hour commitment.
  • The reader can come to you at your vacation rental, meet you at our favorite local tea shop or even conduct a reading online!

Other Eclectic Add-ons

If your bachelorette party is ready for a truly authentic Asheville event, consider any of the following add-ons for an eclectic experience!

  • Aura Readings
  • Candle Making
  • Flower Crown Workshop
  • Sound Healing Meditation

Want to know more? Schedule a call and we’ll explain everything!

For the Super Chill Bride-to-Be

Truly Unwind with a Mobile Massage

There’s no need to stress out trying to coordinate getting a whole group to a spa on time. We have even more relaxation comin’ atcha with our mobile massages!

We’ll send a team of massage therapists to your vacation rental equipped with tables, linens, music, oils…everything you need to enjoy a moment purely for you. Unwind, relax. You deserve it!

Our favorite suggestion:

Schedule massages in the late afternoon/early evening so folks can rotate through massages and still have time to get ready for a night out.

Have more time? Combine massages with a private yoga session, group tarot reading, or oil blending workshop for a half-day of pure relaxation. And check out our other Asheville bachelorette party itinerary suggestions!


  • 30-minute up to 90-minute massages are available.
  • The number of therapists depends on your group size.
Mobile Massage

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Practice Yoga at the Rental

No need to leave the house, let us come to you! Enjoy a private group yoga class at your home, vacation rental, or location of your choosing with an experienced local instructor.

Not enough space at home? No worries, we can teach yoga in the park or in the botanical gardens. Just let us know if you need more space.

Choose between a gentle/beginners, slow flow, power vinyasa, alignment, restorative, or yin practice. Classes are appropriate for all levels of experience and we’ll bring the mats!


Ask us about alternative bachelorette party options and special upgrades like hot-stones restorative classes, sound healing, and mala meditation.

Relax in the Asheville Salt Cave

The Asheville Salt Cave is loved by locals and tourists alike. This nature-inspired salt cave is in the heart of downtown Asheville, featuring an enriched microclimate that allows the body and mind to gain relaxation, balance, & healing.  

We often get asked, what do you do in the cave? You do not have to do anything to receive the benefits. Sit back, close your eyes, relax, and breathe.

Get more deets and suggestions in our guide to the best Asheville spas for groups.


  • Group and private cave sessions are available
  • Add to your custom group itinerary or as an upgrade to your Private Group Yoga class

Looking for the best local insights and recommendations? We love sharing our hometown with visitors!

This article was originally published in May 2019 and most recently updated in May 2022.