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  • 1.5 Hrs
  • Max People: 1-16
  • All Year Round

Stand up paddleboard yoga in Asheville

SUP yoga is such a fun way to take your yoga practice out of the studio and into this wild world! Discover balance, strengthen your core, and challenge yourself in your practice (even if you’re a beginner!). Join us for a SUP Yoga class on one of the oldest rivers in the world, the French Broad River here in Asheville.

Public vs Private SUP Yoga Classes

Private SUP Yoga Classes are available daily from May – October for groups of 1-16. Cost is:

  • $330 total for parties of 1-5
  • $55/person for parties of 6+
  • Max group size 16

On a budget or prefer to SUP with others? CALL 828-407-0711 to join a regularly scheduled public class for only $49/person, board rental included. Contact Usfor more details and current availability.

Soak up time outdoors connecting to yourself, your group, and nature. All levels welcome! Board rental is included along with instruction tailored to your group’s level of experience.

Is paddle board yoga difficult?

Stand Up Paddleboards are really quite stable, safe, and a lot of FUN! We’ll provide some basic instruction at the beginning of each class including the perfect set up, mounting, effective paddling form, balance, and all the good stuff in between. You’ll be a SUP yoga pro in no time!

Enjoy the sensation of floating and feel the weight of daily life drift away. Sink into the gentle sounds of water lapping against your board as you breathe with the ripples. It’s empowering, invigorating, centering…and fun!

We’ll see you on the water!

Did you know we also offer yoga hikes in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains? It’s a great addition to your SUP yoga practice! Always feel free to get in touch if we can help you plan your wellness activities in Asheville.

Covid Considerations

Your safety and the safety of our guides and community is of the utmost importance. To that end, we’ve taken a close look at our policies and procedures and have updated protocols for each tour, service, and experience we offer.

The following points are specific to SUP Yoga:

1Private Classes

Concerned about joining a public class? No worries! Private SUP Yoga Classes for your group are available daily pending guide availability.

2Meet at the river

No need to worry about being in enclosed transportation with folks outside of your group. All parties arrive separately and meet at the riverside put-in.

3Social Distancing

Social distancing is a breeze in outdoor spaces. Our guides are a friendly bunch but will refrain from hugging, hand shaking, or getting close unless necessary (injury, first aid, etc). If you encounter other folks on the trail, the guide will encourage the group to step to the side, allowing plenty of room for other hikers to pass. You’ll find plenty of room to spread out on the mountain top. Enjoy the spaciousness!


All equipment (board, paddle, PFD) is thoroughly sanitized before and after each use. If you have your own equipment and feel more comfortable using it, please feel free to bring it along!

5Your Role

We’re committed to doing our part to care for our employees, community, and guests and we cannot do it alone. As part of our shared responsibility, we expect you to: communicate clearly with us regarding any health concerns you may have; if you feel ill, have Covid related symptoms, or have recently cared for someone with Covid-19, please stay home and alert us 24hrs or more in advance when possible (we will issue you a refund in full); be patient with, understanding, and supportive of new procedures in place. These policies are meant to keep all involved as safe as possible and to support our business in remaining open!

To learn about our more general, overarching policies, please visit this post. To learn about what Asheville is doing as a community, read the Asheville Cares Stay Safe Pledge, a pledge we are proud to participate in.


1What if I am new to Yoga?

We are all eternal beginners. You’re in good company. The yoga session is appropriate for all levels. All of our instructors are accustomed to teaching to varied levels of experience and will be happy to offer modifications and prompts throughout the class.

2I/m a SUP newbie and I want to try it! What can I expect?

Stand Up Paddle boards are really quite stable, safe and a lot of FUN! We’ll provide some basic instruction at the beginning of each class to ensure that you’re set up for a great experience. We also strive to maintain a ratio of not more than 8 students per instructor so we can offer a lot of support along the way.

3What should I Wear?

Light, moisture-wicking clothing is best. Bathing suits are fine but not required. The main message is that you want to wear clothes that you feel comfortable moving in. Typically whatever you would wear to the gym, on a run, to a yoga class, etc is perfect. Keep in mind that you may take a dip so quick dry clothing is preferable.
Definitely bring an extra set of dry clothes for when you get off the water! You’d be surprised at how chilly you can get even on the hottest summer day once you get wet and find yourself in the shade with a gentle breeze. Layers are your key to comfort!
As for your feet, flip flops or slip on shoes are great. Most people will go barefoot when they’re on the paddleboard, because balance is easier when you can feel your feet on the board. However for getting on and off the board, you need something to protect your feet. Simple beach style flip flops or slip on shoes like lightweight trainers are perfect.

4What about the weather?

For your safety, we do not conduct this activity if water levels are too high or there is thunder and/or lightening in the area.
If water levels are too high but the weather permits outdoor practice, we will happily conduct a private outdoor class for you beside the river.
If weather prevents any kind of outdoor practice, we will offer you an alternative (ie: yoga at your rental) or allow cancellation with no fees.

5What is your max/mim group size?

Private classes are available daily for groups of 1 – 16 pending instructor availability. For groups smaller than 6, there is a flat fee of $240 to hold a private class. Public classes are also available for a reduced rate if you don’t mind joining in with other folks and the timing works for you (see FAQ “I’m traveling solo or with a small group…do you have a public option?” for more information).

7I'm traveling solo or with a small group... do you have a public option?

Yes! Public classes are typically held:

  • Wednesday: 5:45 – 7:15
  • Thursday: 5:45 – 7:15
  • Friday: 5:45 – 7:15
  • Saturday: 9 – 10:30 and 11 – 12:30
  • Sunday: 11 – 12:30
We’re happy to add you to any classes with availability for a reduced rate of $32/person (includes equipment rental)

8Should I tip my guide?

Tips are never obligatory but are always appreciated. If you feel you had a wonderful experience, the average amount shared is $5/person or $20/group.

An alternate way to show your appreciation is to share a review of your experience online and give your hardworking guide a shout-out. Your kind words mean more than you know! You can find us on TripAdvisorGoogleFacebook, and Yelp

9What is the cancellation policy?

Full group cancellations more than 72 hrs prior to your scheduled experience are refundable minus a $10/person admin fee plus any fees charged by our local partners or you may choose a store credit for 100% of your purchase price. Out of respect for the instructor’s time, cancellations between 0-72 hrs prior to your experience are non-refundable.

NOTE: If individual members of your party need to cancel due to Covid, we will refund that group member in full provided minimum thresholds for group size are met (ie: we have a minimum charge of $330 for a private SUP Yoga class). These minimums ensure all experience providers, guides, instructors, etc are paid a living wage for their work. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to remain as flexible as possible in uncertain times!

10Can I bring my kids?

All SUP Yoga classes are for adults age 18+. If you’d like to bring your family, please contact us to inquire. We’ll see what we can do!

To learn about our more general, overarching policies, please visit this post. To learn about what Asheville is doing as a community, read the Asheville Cares Stay Safe Pledge, a pledge we are proud to participate in.