Our Suggested Asheville Solo Traveler Itineraries

Do you love to gather up uncommon experiences in out-of-the-way places? Do you travel in your own unique way and not on anyone’s schedule but your own? If this sounds like you, Asheville has unforgettable wellness experiences just for you!

Indulge in some solo time and connect with nature in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Let the inner you flourish as you learn and develop mindfulness techniques, meet other like-minded solo travelers, and enjoy Asheville’s distinctive combination of fun and restorative experiences. Our selection of activities has something for every independent spirit.

Let us do the planning, just come to Asheville and enjoy a truly special getaway. Schedule a call with our concierge and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Plan a Full-Day Solo Retreat in Asheville

To inspire you as you begin planning your solo journey to Asheville, we pulled together some of our favorite full-day wellness retreats for individual travelers.

Of course, you can mix and match any of our wellness tours! But these combinations work so well together, we wanted to show you can blend your activities to create as enriching a trip to Asheville as can be.

Meet & Recalibrate:

Forest Bathing and/or Public Yoga Hike + Tarot!

Set the tone of your retreat in the company of like minded people who may become new friends when you join one of our public tours: a grounding Forest Bathing session or an invigorating Yoga Hike. Or alternatively book a private session to carve out some peaceful solitude for yourself. Forest Bathing offers an opportunity to enjoy a meditative and mindful stroll through the forest while Yoga Hikes incorporate cardio and a movement practice…both are unique approaches, welcoming you to embrace the vitality of all the life around you. This is an incredible opportunity to awaken your senses and connect with nature and yourself!

Next, take that feeling of inspired connection into your afternoon as you explore your inner landscapes with a professional 1hr Tarot Reading at your accommodations or our favorite local tea house. Here’s more about each adventure…

Center Yourself in the Great Outdoors: Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is the ideal way to slow things down and recalibrate. There is also the opportunity of course to connect to other adventurers if you’d like a mix of both time to yourself and time with others. You’ll have the opportunity to learn mindfulness techniques and celebrate the peacefulness of nature before ending the session with a closing tea ceremony.

Self-Care and Self-Fulfillment: Mountaintop Yoga

Following your time among the trees, we’ll have the option to journey one mile up to the top of a scenic mountain for the sunset version of our Mountaintop Yoga Hikes. Be part of a yoga class suitable for all levels and get in touch with your body in the most dramatic of landscapes. There will be opportunities for lots of pictures before heading down.

This Meet & Recalibrate mini-retreat also pairs well with a Tarot Reading – find a deeper connection to everyday magic and focus on any aspect of your life, such as your career or relationships.

But remember, you are totally in control! We’re always there to offer suggestions as to how you might make use of your time in Asheville but our tours can be combined in any way that works for you.

Mobile Massage

Rest & Renew | All-Levels Yoga Class, 1-Hour Massage, Tarot Reading

Need some time to recharge? Give yourself the gift of slowing down. All services in this package take place at your vacation rental for the utmost relaxation. Unwind, rejuvenate, and reconnect with yourself!

All-Levels Yoga Class

Our Private Yoga Classes are perfect for all levels, whether you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner or rolling out the yoga mat for the very first time. As we recently covered over on our blog, yoga has been at the center of wellness for around 5,000 years and our private sessions ensure your yoga practice is the calm and relaxing experience you want it to be.

1-Hour Massage

Lower stress levels with a therapeutic massage. There’s no need to worry about getting out of the house on time or having to drive back after you’re completely relaxed, our Mobile Massage will come to you. What to know more about the revitalizing effects of a massage? Check out our feature on massage types and their benefits at the Wellness Corner section of our site.

Tarot Reading

Enjoy a tarot session with a professional reader. The reading will be focused on the aspects of your life that you want to investigate, whether it’s your self-esteem, career development, romantic relationships, or anything else. The tarot is a powerful way to ask questions and find solutions deep within yourself. Learn more with our Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Reading.

Paying a Short Visit? Book a Half-Day Mini-Retreat

Don’t have the time for a full-day wellness experience? Treat yourself to a half-day mini-retreat.

Goat Yoga!

What could be cuter than a morning spent with playful baby goats? This lighthearted experience is a wonderful way to incorporate play, giggles, and joy into your weekend retreat in Asheville. You can join a public class on select Saturdays or enjoy an exclusive private session any day with advanced notice. The goat yoga “season” runs from March through October. Classes are one hour but you can extend your experience to a more complete half-day by adding on a cheese tasting and/or bringing a blanket and a book to enjoy the peace of the upper pasture while you’re here!

Forest Bathing

With the full Borest Bathing experience lasting approximately 2.5-3 hours, it’s a perfect choice for a half-day of self-care in Asheville. A meditative stroll through the forest will enliven you the week ahead – there’s no better way to reset your mind and spirit than with time spent in nature.

Mountaintop Yoga

As another 3-hour activity, our mountain yoga sessions can easily be enjoyed on a half-day retreat. Enjoy unparalleled scenery and good company as you take a one-mile hike to a splendid mountain top. Once on the mountaintop, with the beauty of the natural landscape around us, we’ll recalibrate our bodies with a yoga session crafted for those at all levels.

All of these options can be booked individually, but you benefit from package discounts if you get in touch with us for more info! We can make sure you’re getting the best deal and enjoying the right experiences based on your travel style and preferences.

Looking for More Solo Adventures? We Have You Covered…

Still looking for ideas for a solo weekend in Asheville? The easiest way to plan is to just get in touch so we can help you craft the perfect getaway without any of the planning stress or endless research. But here’s some more inspiration in case you want to keep planning on your own.

Which traveler type are you?

Private Wine Tasting

One of our most popular Asheville activities, Sips with a Sommelier is a private wine tasting experience at your home or vacation rental. Get yourself cozy, we’ll bring a delicious selection of wines to you!

You could certainly enjoy a winery tour in Asheville, but this tasting session is personalized and ideal for solo travelers who want maximum flexibility. Choose from a selection of reds, whites, or combine the two – this is your tasting. You can also enjoy our popular Wine 101 which covers the fundamentals of good red, white, rose, and sparkling wines.

Make Candles

Making something with your own hands is immensely satisfying. Take a candle-making class and let your creativity soar. At the end of the session, you’ll have beautiful candles to take home or give as gifts to your loved ones.

Embodied Photography Experience

A solo retreat is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with your inner self and re-center into your authentic nature. Take a photography session that’s all about self-expression and championing the real you.

Have Your Aura Read

Get insights into your chakras and energy – the shades and textures of your own nature. With an aura reading, you can explore the characteristics that define the real you, helping you to establish achievable goals and begin running towards them!

Asheville Salt Cave or Hammam Session

The Asheville Salt Cave is one of our top spas in Asheville. Loved by locals and tourists alike, it’s a nature inspired salt cave in the heart of downtown Asheville. With its enriched microclimate, the Asheville Salt Cave is the ideal spot to relax body and mind. Sit back, close your eyes, relax and breathe.

Where to Stay in Asheville for a Solo Adventure

There are endless options available to the solo traveler in Asheville…

Arriving in Asheville and wondering where is best to stay? Many solo travelers will decide to rent an Airbnb and we’re pleased to confirm that there are plenty of awesome apartments available in Asheville. If you need advice on which parts of town would be most suitable, just get in touch.

One hotel that always provides an amazing escape is The Foundry. Possessing a truly Asheville vibe, The Foundry is where luxury meets vintage. If you’re looking to treat yourself during your weekend retreat, this is a stylish choice.

Another great spot to check out is the new Element Hotel in Downtown Asheville. With incredible views from their rooftop terrace and an indoor pool, you’ll feel you’re living your best life at the Element Hotel.

Still need some help deciding where to stay? You might also like our guide on the best areas to stay in Asheville as you continue planning. 

But wherever you decide to stay for your solo getaway, we would love to help you make this the perfect experience. Tap into our local expertise and make your trip to Asheville unforgettable!

Looking for the best local insights and recommendations? We love sharing our hometown with visitors!

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