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Support for teams and meeting attendees for better balance and productivity

Corporate Yoga Sessions & More

As more and more office environments shift to fully-remote teams, corporate wellness programs are taking center stage. By offering wellness sessions, you can help foster stronger connections among staff and ensure loyalty by investing in employees’ health and wellness. 

We’ve seen the ROI for businesses in improved productivity and job satisfaction. But there is so much more than statistical analysis when it comes to the happiness of your staff. There is an intangible factor that builds better teams and helps boost your company’s status.

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Corporate Wellness Sessions 

Whether you’re looking for office yoga classes or virtual cooking classes, we would love to help. At Asheville Wellness Tours, we provide in-person and virtual wellness classes across a range of activities. 

If your team is fully remote, we can help you create events that offer connection and rejuvenation. If your future conference or meeting will be held in Asheville, we can ensure your attendees feel refreshed and ready to take on the world with on-site or outdoor sessions. 

From yoga to hiking, cooking to a tarot reading, and so much more…let us help you build bridges between employees and ensure the health and wealth of your company. A corporate wellness retreat is the best investment you can make!

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  • Last May my organization wanted to pilot adding mindful meditative movement into our full-day professional meeting. Our goal was to offer our colleagues a way to re-energize their mind and body during a sedentary day of meetings. This felt like a risk because we had never introduced something like this into our culture before and we didn’t have the internal capacity to plan this event. We reached out to Asheville Wellness Tours. After meeting with Sue Ann, I immediately felt encouraged and comfortable with trying something new. From the initial conversation through the event, I was impressed with Asheville Wellness Tours’ professionalism, communication, and attention to detail. Sue Ann listened to our needs carefully and found not only a capable instructor, but also one who could introduce this to our community in a meaningful way. We also asked for something that was not traditional in structure and Asheville Wellness Tours was innovative and flexible as we piloted this initiative. We got a great deal of positive feedback from our colleagues about their improvement in their energy levels and mental clarity after our mini-mindful movement sessions. Our instructor was professional, capable, and approached her craft with a great deal of joy. We are so grateful to Asheville Wellness Tours, and we plan to collaborate with them again in the future to continue incorporating mindful movement into our culture.