What is So Special about Private Yoga Lessons?

Yoga has been a staple of wellness for about 5000 years. Although that sounds like an exaggeration it’s true— the history of yoga is long and complex and over its journey through the centuries it has evolved and adapted into many forms, becoming a beautiful mixture of studied breathing, meditation, mindfulness and general bodily health. Through this ancient practice modern people are finding ways to connect with their minds, spirits and bodies. At Asheville Wellness Tours, we’re all about connection – connecting you to this this community, our beautiful natural world, and yourselves!

It isn’t always easy to develop a faithful yoga practice in your daily life. Often there is too much to do and too many distractions. It might be difficult to find space at home to tune out and focus on yoga, and it could be just as difficult finding a yoga studio you are comfortable in. With all these complications, private yoga lessons are a great solution, and if you aren’t sure where to begin then Asheville Wellness Tours can really help you out, both in-person or online. Here are some of the benefits to private yoga lessons.

A Safe Space to Develop Your Practice

Yoga is popular and this fact isn’t lost on gyms and yoga studios. Mass-market yoga classes are available everywhere but with all of this demand there is pressure on yoga instructors to deliver lessons to people of many different levels at one time. This means that they may often skim over the groundwork that beginners need to truly develop their practice. A struggling beginner might be embarrassed to call attention to themselves in a large class by asking for help, and with so many people to focus on a teacher might be hard pressed to stop students from sliding into bad forms of the postures they are attempting.

In a private yoga class you can go at your own pace, focus on the skills you think need the most work, and have an expert guiding and correcting your posture as you practice. You’ll find that in a private setting, with a teacher whose focus is on you, your yoga will improve much quicker than in a larger class, and you’ll have more confidence to try things that could seem daunting when you’re surrounded by other yogis.

Enhance Your Calm!

Everyone knows that yoga is supposed to be calm, meditative, zen, free from stress… but sometimes it isn’t like that! Trying to fit yoga into a busy schedule, finding a class that suits both your needs and your general day to day routines can be difficult and you might find you’ve settled into a class that doesn’t actually suit you simply because the timing works, or that you’ve stopped doing yoga at all because you can’t find the right stress free environment for it.

Doing private classes is a guaranteed way to ensure your yoga practice is the calm and relaxing experience you want it to be. You can organise sessions to suit your timetable, and you can do yoga with the people you’re most comfortable with.

And if you’re still a little suspicious of how calming yoga can be then check out our blog on the Mental Benefits of Yoga and Meditation!

Take Your Yoga Wherever You Like

With Asheville Wellness Tours you can do your yoga practice in the environment that suits you. If your happy place is at home, or at a holiday retreat, in a park or even on a hike, we can come to you! We can schedule private yoga classes anywhere that really takes your fancy, and our yoga hikes are one of the best ways to connect with both nature and yourself. Treat yourself to a new experience, or enjoy yoga in the comfort of a place you know well.

Explore Different Types of Yoga

After 5000 years it’s not surprising that there are now many different types of yoga! In fact we wrote a blog about 14 Different Types of Yoga and their Benefits. With so many different kinds of yoga to try it can often be confusing knowing which class to sign up for but if you organise a private yoga lesson you can discuss what you are looking for in your yoga practice and explore a few different types of yoga while you search for the one that best suits you.

Tailor Your Lesson to Your Needs

Groups and Corporate Experiences

We’ve already talked about going at your own pace, choosing your perfect environment and exploring the yoga style that best fits you, but you can do even more to tailor your private yoga lessons to your needs. Part of yoga is about understanding your body and what it can do. If you have suffered an injury in the past or have some health concerns, a private lesson can help focus on how far you can take your practice safely. Your private instructor can take any limitations you might have into consideration and design a flow that best suits you.

Private Doesn’t Mean Alone!

When we think about private lessons the idea of one-to-one tuition usually springs to mind. And whilst individual tuition can do a lot to enhance your learning sometimes that kind of focus can also be intense. But you don’t have to take your private yoga lessons alone! Sometimes being in company is the best way to relax so why not take private group classes? You can get together with your best friends, weave yoga into your weekend getaway or your group celebration, relax and bond with others. Spending time with your favourite people, and enjoying a mindful yoga practice can truly nurture your soul. 

Those are just a few reasons for why private yoga lessons are so special. Asheville Wellness Tours is the perfect place for you to explore your connection with yoga and we are happy to accommodate your needs so you can enjoy the practice that suits you best. If any of our tours or packages strike your fancy, or if you just want to talk about what you can do with us then please get in touch!