What kind of meditation is best for inspiration?

Meditation is an ongoing process and practice that offers benefits over a lifetime. That’s why choosing the best kind of meditation for you is an important choice. After all, you’ll need to make this a long-term commitment if you want to reap the long-term benefits! We’ll go through a few of the common types of meditation practice so you can see some of the choices available to you.

What are the benefits of meditation that you may expect with prolonged practice? We cover that, too. We also wrote a blog on the mental benefits of yoga and meditation, so you may want to read more there!

Remember: it’s the commitment to an extended practice of meditation that will ultimately bring you closer to yourself, and allow you to reap those long-term benefits. So choose the kind that you feel most comfortable with and that you can actually commit to practicing on a regular basis. 

If you’re unsure of where to start, our guided meditation might be a perfect fit to get you familiar with the techniques. We offer virtual or in-person sessions here in Asheville. We’d love to have you join us!


What kinds of meditation are there?

Meditation is the practice of centering your thoughts on a singular focus. There are many tools you could use to facilitate this focus, which we’ll describe below.

There are a wide variety of meditation practices that you could partake in as part of a formal practice or on your own. There are apps you can download, virtual sessions you can join, or in-person sessions you might like. And, of course, you can meditate on your own if you feel comfortable.

When you first get started with meditation, it can be highly beneficial to participate in guided sessions. Our guided meditation sessions have helped countless individuals gain traction with their personal practices, encouraging long-term habits and offering tools and insights into practicing meditation on their own. 

Having an experienced practitioner help you establish good habits can be the key to long-term success with your new meditation practice.

Some people use sound while others prefer visualization; some folks like mantras while others seek spiritual connections. We sometimes use tea ceremonies in our guided meditations, other times we follow an instinctive meditation practice to help participants hone their own skills. 

Different techniques work well for different people! So it’s a great idea to sample the variety of meditation types and see what works best for you in maintaining a regular practice.

A few other kinds of meditation we suggest you consider include music or being surrounded by nature. These are some of our personal favorites!

While meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, there is no one right way to meditate. The method that resonates with you is the right kind of meditation for you.

As you get started, you might also want to read our guide to the difference between mindfulness, meditation, and prayer.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Countless studies have proven that meditation can yield a variety of benefits for your mind and body. While we couldn’t possibly list every single benefit of meditation, if you’re looking for the right kind of meditation for inspiration, then these benefits might be of particular interest.

  1. Improve your attention and focus. Maybe you’re trying to tap into your creativity, or maybe you’re working on a difficult problem at work or in your personal life. Whatever your need to focus your attention, meditation can help inspire that capacity.
  2. Stress reduction. Meditation has been proven to lower cortisol levels and overall feeling of being stressed. Ongoing meditation practice can have a wonderful impact on your level of stress and can therefore provide you with the inspiration you need!
  3. Lowered blood pressure. Studies have shown various kinds of meditation can help lower blood pressure, which can open space for you to concentrate and feel inspired to create, to solve a problem, or to complete a task.
  4. Better quality sleep. A lack of sleep can drain your energy and inspiration. Meditation has been proven to improve sleep quality for those who are struggling to get a full night’s rest consistently. Better sleep and better rest yields to better days and higher energy levels!
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How to Find the Right Kind of Meditation for You

Finding the right kind of meditation for you to feel inspired might mean testing a few different options until you feel comfortable. 

Remember that the benefits of meditation will be felt after ongoing practice and commitment. Continuing to set aside time for your practice every single day will help you to develop the habit and to hone your meditation practice for the greatest overall outcome. Little by little, a committed meditation practice can change your life!

By trying a few different kinds of meditation, you can see which resonates with you the most. 

We recommend you commit to a certain type of meditation for several weeks. That will allow you to fully experience how an ongoing practice might affect you.

Try meditating to sound, whether that’s music or chanting or a guided meditation. Or you could try mindfulness meditation and focus your thoughts inward on your own. 

Another option is to get outdoors and surround yourself with natural beauty! Our forest bathing experiences have helped so many individuals to learn new skills and go home to continue their meditation practice in an outdoor environment that inspires them.

Meditation can do wonders for inspiration. We hope you’ve been inspired to push the boundaries of your comfort zone a little further to try different kinds of meditation. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your wellness practice, you can always reach out for our recommended activities and experiences!