How to Incorporate Wellness into Your Corporate Events

Planning a meeting, conference, or corporate retreat? You know there will be an area in which to recharge electronic devices…make sure you provide an opportunity to recharge your attendees too!

The attendees of your corporate event — employees or clients — want to engage in wellness activities. These activities rejuvenate and ignite their engagement in your business. You may also plan a weekend or day-long wellness retreat to fulfill their needs for both socialization and introspection.

Mountain Top Yoga Hike is perfect for a weekend team activity!

Whether you choose Asheville’s incredibly beautiful natural settings or your own conference site, Asheville Wellness Retreats & Tours offers an enticing range of in-person and virtual well-being activities. Corporate wellness activities concentrate on four major areas, including:

  1. Food
  2. Breaks and sessions
  3. Setting
  4. Event culture

What Foods Should I Serve at Corporate Wellness Events?

Wellness events must include healthy food options in keeping with the theme. Design meals and snacks to fuel healthy brain function and provide sufficient energy to get attendees through all the sessions with motivation left over for evening events or quiet solitude. After lunch, for example, attendees often struggle to pay attention. Since sugary foods cause fatigue, offer a menu that revitalizes attendees, such as:

  • Snack and meal options considered “brain food,” like walnuts, berries and green leafy vegetables
  • Tea and coffee or beverages like Kombucha or Shanti Elixirs from healthy local Asheville companies
  • Special local food items like local honey and cheeses, which you also can give as take-home samples to strengthen your investment in the attendees’ health and wellness

Your team at Asheville Wellness offers only the freshest combination of local foods when designing your corporate retreat. They can also suggest menus for catering to your virtual attendees.

How Can I Plan Energizing Breaks and Sessions for Corporate Wellness Retreats?

Offer activities during the corporate event break times — such as just before or after meals, or at the end of the day —that offer a healthy activity or a rejuvenating, re-energizing distraction. The benefits of corporate wellness include participants who return refreshed and ready to fully participate in meetings. Choose late-morning or mid-day activities that energize members of your corporate wellness event, such as:

  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Tai chi
  • Chair exercises (especially for less mobile groups)
  • Sessions that include walking meetings

Offer relaxing activities at the end of the day to bring closure and invite members to unwind. Ways to relax include:

  • One-on-one recap discussions
  • A few minutes of silent meditation
  • A sound journey meditation session
  • A soothing musical performance
  • A poetry reading

What Settings Are Appropriate for Corporate Wellness Retreats?

Consider venturing out on an Asheville field trip to enhance the benefits of corporate wellness. Try memorable experiences such as:

Alternatively, tour group may remain in place, offering ways to enjoy the benefits of corporate wellness without having to travel. Consider offering health-enhancing, fun activities such as:

How Do I Align My Corporate Event’s Culture?

Keeping your participants engaged means keeping their minds and bodies engaged. Align your corporate culture with activities such as: 

  • Mindful sessions with targeted results, like meditation or goal setting
  • Deep breathing or nap sessions to boost memory, cognitive skills, creativity and energy levels
  • Respites when members can go undisturbed and recharge outdoors or in lounge areas
  • Off-hour extras for multi-day events at gyms, pools and dance studios

Having on-site or virtual wellness activities at corporate events gives participants every opportunity to take your goodwill with them, which enhances their well-being and loyalty to you. Contact Asheville Wellness Retreats & Tours and allow them to set up a range of meaningful activities to offer restorative corporate wellness retreats for fostering healthful practices and meaningful experiences.

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