How To Use Tarot Cards To Learn About Your Love Life

Have you ever noticed the senses of the forest? The sounds of rustling leaves on trees or a bubbling brook trickling by; the feel of sunlight through the canopy drawing your face toward the sky; the smell of moss and fresh, mountain air…these things give us a sense of awe. They ease our stress and worry, help us to slow down and move with greater intention and peace. 

Can tarot cards teach you about your own love life? Can a tarot reading help you make better decisions in your relationships? What does the lover’s card even mean? There are plenty of questions about tarot readings, and today we’ll help you get some answers. The beauty of tarot readings is their ability to be used in various ways and capacities so you can ask the right questions to get guidance. 

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For now, let’s go through how you can use tarot cards in your love life.

What is Tarot Reading?

First, an Introduction to Tarot Card Readings

If you’ve never done a tarot card reading before, you might be wondering what to even expect. Tarot card decks can differ, but there are standard types of readings that will help answer the questions you bring to the reading. 

It is important to be specific about your questions and to know how to ask the right questions to get the most out of your tarot reading experience. That’s why having an expert there to help you read and interpret your cards is the best way to do a reading.

It is also important to note that tarot cards do not, themselves, answer a question. Instead, the cards provide guidance for the reader to interpret based on your question and current situation. The way you ask questions, the insight you can glean from the cards and their meanings, plus your past and present reality will all come together to affect your tarot card reading.

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How Tarot Cards Can Be Used for Your Love Life

Cassie Coleman of Heartsong Tarot is a tarot card reader for Asheville Wellness Tours. She says: 

“Tarot is a visionary tool that can be used to better understand your current love life and help ignite the most fulfilling path for individuals and couples. 

A tarot love reading explores all sides of a romantic issue and deep-dives into relationship dynamics at play in your life. 

Lastly, the cards have a magical way of empowering a person to take full ownership of their role in relationships and offer choice as to what path best is best suited for the soul.”

Understanding how tarot cards can help you learn about your love life will allow you to get even more out of your reading. The cards can help you to see the many aspects of a relationship that you may have unwittingly ignored. 

Asking the right questions and allowing the reader to help you see the deeper meaning beneath the cards can help you to uncover the answers you seek.

But it’s not just about the questions; you need to read the cards themselves. The order in which they are drawn, numerology, repetition of symbols or elements…these are all important factors that contribute to the overall reading result.

Using Tarot Cards for Relationship Questions

If you’re thinking of doing a love life tarot card reading, you’ll want to sort through the types of questions you could ask and understand the way the answers might come through.

You can ask questions about yourself. This might help you uncover blocks or past experiences that you didn’t even realize were impacting your love life today. You could ask questions about your partner to similarly uncover those concerns.

You could ask questions about your compatibility with a partner or potential partner. The cards can help you see your similarities and differences, as well as your compatibility in different ways (i.e. emotional, physical, spiritual).

You could also use a love tarot reading to dig deeper into the past, present, and future of your relationship. 

Asking yes or no questions won’t open up many helpful answers for you in a tarot card reading. Instead, you’ll want to consider open-ended questions that focus on digging deeper into yourself or others. Questions that investigate unhealthy patterns in relationships or that uncover helpful lessons from past relationships that you can take forward into new experiences can offer better insight than a question like “Will I meet my soulmate tomorrow?”

Virtual Experiences

Group Tarot Card Readings and Love Life Questions

If you’re planning a destination bachelorette party in Asheville, we highly recommend a group tarot reading. These are such a fun way to gather everyone together, ask questions, connect over relationships and romance, and celebrate the joy of an upcoming wedding!

But bachelorette parties aren’t the only good setting for group tarot readings. We love doing them in corporate events, too! They’re also great for any old weekend getaway when you need to unwind, relax, and treat yourself to a full wellness weekend. 

Ready to figure out your love life with tarot? Then let’s book a group tarot reading! Still have some questions first? No problem at all, just get in touch and let’s help plan your perfect wellness adventure.