10 Types of Travelers Who Visit Asheville…and LOVE It!

Like most destinations, there are certain types of travelers who visit Asheville most regularly. Our quirky town in North Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains is home to a tight-knit community of artists, creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs. We welcome folks from all around the world to our little slice of paradise. 

Are you the type of traveler who should visit Asheville? Let’s find out!

First, About Us and About Asheville 

At Asheville Wellness Tours, we love to highlight the very best of our awesome community. Whether you join us or not, we want you to have the most wonderful experience when you come to our hometown! So our list of traveler types is so much more than just a list. Below, you can find the type of traveler you are and then get customized recommendations for things to do, places to explore, and ways to get the most out of your Asheville getaway. 

Want even more personalized guidance? We LOVE helping visitors discover the best of Asheville. Contact us any time for free one-on-one planning with our concierge team. Let us take care of the details, so you don’t leave your vacation needing a vacation! 

Without further ado…

10 Types of Travelers Who Visit Asheville…and LOVE It!

“You can’t take it in, driving by stuff. That’s not satisfying. Don’t be afraid to just sit and watch.”

– Anthony Bourdain

1. The Soul Searcher

If the prime objective of your travel is to find yourself, pondering life’s deepest questions, then you just might be a soul searcher. 

Soul searching travelers can usually be found in quiet spots where they can spend time staring out over the Blue Ridge Mountains, taking long strolls, or walking mindfully through the woods.

Our Asheville recommendation? Dive deep and recalibrate with a day of forest bathing and tarot reading! 

Take some well-earned you-time with a guided forest bathing session, incorporating mindfulness techniques, walking meditation, and the unique beauty of a secluded mountain spot. Later, dive deep within during a tarot card reading. The reader can even come to you! 

Unwind, rejuvenate, and connect deeply with your sense of self, you soul searcher. 

Looking for more recommendations? Schedule a complimentary concierge call and we’ll give you even more soul searcher weekend retreat ideas.

2. The Ladies’ Getaway Group

Gathering up all your ladies for a long-overdue girlfriend getaway of pampering and togetherness? Looking for a weekend away from partners and kids? Whether it’s a reunion or an escape, a birthday celebration or a self-pampering weekend, taking a trip with your best gals is the very definition of joy.

Planning a destination bachelorette party in Asheville? Check out traveler type #10 below!

If you’re looking for a ladies’ getaway in Asheville, we recommend a Detox/Retox! Hit the trails for a fun yoga hike and then hit the town with a rooftop bar tour. From the mountaintops to the rooftops, you’ll be basking in the beauty of Asheville alongside the beauty of your unbreakable bonds. 

Need a little more detox after that retox revelry? Book a massage therapist for the next morning — your future self will thank you!

Get in touch for a full ladies’ getaway itinerary and book your best trip together yet! 

3. The Recharge Retreater

Maybe you’re working 50+ hours per week and desperately require a screen-free weekend. And maybe that escape would be all the better if literally anyone else planned it for you. Or maybe you’re the kind with that epic list of resolutions and intentions — to meditate, work out 5 times a week, change up your diet…only to find yourself reaching total burnout instead of bliss! 

If you’re looking to get away to reconnect with your path and purpose, Asheville offers a like-minded community on hand for support. Try a restful wellness retreat to recharge — including esoteric, spiritual journeys, self-development, and indulgent spa getaways.

We recommend some mini mindful moments, with tarot reading, meditation, and massage on the itinerary.

Want to add something a little more invigorating? We have some extra suggestions for a true recharge retreat in Asheville! Reach out and we can share all our insider tips.

4. The Solo Traveler

If you’re the type who loves to gather up uncommon experiences in out-of-the-way places, and not on anyone’s schedule but your own, then your solo travel adventures should take you to Asheville! 

You may also fit into any of the other categories, but adding in some solo time means you can choose your adventure without compromise.

We recommend you join our public forest bathing for a splash of social fun during your visit to Asheville! Meet like-minded travelers and locals as we incorporate mindfulness techniques, walking meditation, and the unique beauty of a secluded mountain spot 

Later in the weekend, take a public mountaintop yoga hike or, even better, join one of our unforgettable sunset hikes!

Looking for an even more introspective deep dive? Reserve a full, one-hour Tarot Reading or join us for ‘Tarot Tuesdays’ to experience a personal 10-minute reading with the support of like-minded new friends! Enjoy individual readings within the group setting and bear witness to the readings of the others. Often, readings within the group will overlap in uncanny ways, and sharing this experience with others can feel particularly powerful.

To capture that elusive “you time”, check out our list of top spas in Asheville, hang a hammock in a local park and hide away with your favorite read, take a stroll through the River Arts District to witness artists at work, or grab a coffee or tasty beverage at any cafe downtown and enjoy some quality people-watching.

Check out our solo traveler itineraries for Asheville for more ideas!

5. The Romantic Getaway Couple

Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, your 50th anniversary, or just looking to escape with your partner, Asheville is the place to be and we’ve got you covered.

We recommend a romantic Asheville getaway with a sunset mountaintop yoga sesh followed by a picnic for two. Or how about an afternoon massage and foot soak followed by dinner out on the town? 

To be honest, we have SO many ideas for a romantic getaway in Asheville that it’s best if you just get in touch for a 1:1 chat with our travel consultants. It’s free and we can share so much more insight with you that way!

Looking for the best local insights and recommendations? We love sharing our hometown with visitors!

6. The Eco-Venturer

Are you seeking solace through sustainability? If you want to escape the din of urban life, you might just be an eco-venturer. As it becomes easier than ever to jump on a plane and fly off to our next dream destination, over-tourism and the climate crisis have shaken the very foundation of the beautiful places we long to visit. 

If you’re looking to travel more mindfully, being aware of the ecological footprint you leave behind on every adventure you take, then you might be perfect as an eco-venturer in Asheville.

Our local recommendation is an Eco Retreat, complete with a yoga hike and a private chef’s dinner focused on local, farm-to-table seasonal ingredients. Keep your carbon footprint low through delectable dining and protect our wild places by connecting more deeply with nature. 

All our hikes take place at Bearwallow Mountain. Since our inception, we’ve been honored to work with Conserving Carolina and the Lyda family to hold our yoga hikes on the summit of Bearwallow. 

Under the stewardship of Conserving Carolina, the Lyda family set aside this land as a conservation easement, permanently protecting it from development. Because it continues to function as a working farm and grazing land for cattle, the summit is not as fragile as National Forest or National Parklands and our presence does not carry as harsh an impact. 

This is important to us at AWT as we think about how we can introduce guests to the wonders of our natural world as responsibly as possible. Here, our guides share stories of the land, introduce guests to the region’s plant life, and educate groups about ways to protect our wild places. 

For the eco-venturer traveler looking to experience the authentic natural world here in Asheville, you’ll feel refreshed and know you’ve had a positive local impact. 

Looking for more tips for a full weekend retreat in Asheville focused on eco-consciousness? Get in touch and we’ll happily advise!

7. The Foodie

You’re definitely a foodie if you travel for the noms! Trying the local cuisine is a huge part of your travel experience. If the locals eat with chopsticks, you’ll eat with chopsticks. Your game is to try everything at least once, even if it’s too “exotic” for most people’s tastes. Snails, beetles, or even tarantula? Bring it on!

Our Asheville recommendation for foodies is easy: Eat all the things. Enjoy the luxury of a private at-home chef specializing in farm-to-table, local ingredients to give you a true Asheville experience. 

Or go hands-on with the food scene and enjoy a Cooking Class in your home or rental. Under the expert direction of a local chef, you can learn how to craft your own gourmet meal with options including Ayurveda, Cantonese, European, Southern, Vegan, and so much more! 

Corporate Events

And don’t forget about our wine! Asheville enjoys convenient proximity to various vineyards and the newly designated American Viticultural Area (AVA) “Crest of the Blue Ridge” — so a winery tour is a must! 

Don’t have a full day to explore? No problem, we’ll send a Sommelier to you for a private, customized, educational wine tasting in the comfort of your space. Just ask our team for your own “Sips with a Somm” experience. We’ve got you covered!

Hungry for more? Get some delicious inspiration from our genius local travel experts!

Looking for the best local insights and recommendations? We love sharing our hometown with visitors!

8. The Staycation Lover

Are you the type of traveler who challenges the concept of holidaymakers with their bucket lists? We love to see locals’ list of top destinations staying within the boundaries of their own communities. This might be you if, every week, you’re out looking for new wonders right there on your doorstep!

Who says you have to brave airport lines or waste days in the car just to enjoy a vacation? There shouldn’t be any need for a vacation after your vacation. That’s our whole premise here at Asheville Wellness Tours! 

Aerial view of downtown Asheville at sunset

So go ahead, Asheville local, and treat yourself to vacation-level services right here at home! We bring luxury to you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

You might also like taking a public yoga hike or joining a public forest bathing walk to meet more like-minded locals and visitors. Top it off with an evening touring the rooftops of downtown —- on this tour, we promise you’ll learn something new about the history of Asheville, local or not. 

Want some more ideas for a fabulous staycation in Asheville? Get in touch and we’ll happily share our ideas for local experiences!

9. The Adventure Junkie

Think you’re an adventure junkie? You might be if you love nature and being in the great outdoors. If you dream of taking long hiking or cycling trips and the idea of traveling around the world in a purpose-built van appeals to you more than the idea of staying at a luxury, city hotel. 

You might be an adventure junkie if your ideal travel destination is a place you can’t get to by plane alone. The wilderness invigorates you, and you’d rather climb a mountain than laze at a resort. 

After all, life should be exhilarating.

If you’re an adventure junkie, our Asheville recommendation is a guided through-hike on one of Asheville’s newest trails! 

This “off-menu” adventure isn’t even listed on our website yet and is available exclusively by request-only. The trail is 6 miles with the option to travel mostly uphill or mostly down, depending on preference. Highlights are big views, quiet forest, impressive rock formations, waterfall, and solitude. Because it’s newly opened and still somewhat of a local’s secret, you won’t find the crowds of the hashtagged-to-oblivion hot spots. Contact us for more details!

Looking for more adrenaline-pumping fun? Check out our favorite Whitewater Rafting and Zip Lining outfitters. 

Explore the mountains on a yoga hike or grab a paddle for some SUP Yoga on the beautiful French Broad River. 

Looking for a whole weekend of adventures in Asheville? We have lots of Adventure Junkie Weekend Retreat suggestions! Get in touch for more insights…

10. The Bachelorette Party!

There is perhaps no better getaway than the one you take with your girlfriends. Looking for a different way to celebrate and honor the bride-to-be? Asheville is the perfect bachelorette party destination

From outdoor adventures to an incredible food scene, from gorgeous vacation rentals to luxurious spas, Asheville can pamper and please every person in your group!

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, then Asheville must be at the top of your list. Consider a yoga retreat bachelorette party or an utterly indulgent and rejuvenating getaway of self-care and fun. 

Check out our suggested Asheville Bachelorette Party itineraries to get started. Or, just get in touch for a fully customized itinerary that fits your group of gals. As we all know, there’s no one-size-fits-all (unless you’re in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but c’mon).

Planning is stressful…but group planning can be a nightmare! Let us cater to your group’s likes and dislikes to craft the perfect bachelorette weekend getaway. Asheville awaits!

So who are you on this list? Is your travel style perfect for visiting Asheville? If so, then we can’t wait to meet you. Get in touch if you have any questions about these recommendations or other options in the AVL.