Top 3 Wellness Trends for 2023

As December winds down, we start thinking of the New Year and along with it those New Year’s Resolutions.  Some love this process of personal reflection: an annual moment set aside to take a deeper dive into ourselves. Generally, we tend to think of all the things we want to change, i.e., stop (usually a bad habit or bad relationship). For some the problem of stopping habits is the issue. 

Let’s take a different approach. How about thinking of starting something positive. By starting something positive, you will eventually replace those negative habits – without focusing on the negative.

With that thought in mind, let’s take a look at Three Wellness Trends you can start in 2023 and how you can incorporate them.

Trend 1 – Gratitude Resolutions – Let your gratitude become your new resolutions.

Before you start setting goals, look back over the past year and write down the things, people and moments you have gratitude for.  How about finding ways to have more of those?  Example:  Were you able to spend some special time with a person you haven’t seen in awhile because you’ve been too busy?  The usual resolution may be – stop working so hard.  The gratitude practice can flip this statement into – schedule more dedicated time with X person this year.  Then go ahead and text, call or email them to get the first on the calendar!

Trend 2 – Think of the outdoors as an INACTIVE activity. 

Being outdoors IS wellness. These last 3 years definitely saw a surge in people getting outdoors in all kinds of unique ways though, for many, “getting outdoors” still means being active which is reinforced with a lot of messaging and images of people hiking, biking, climbing, running, rowing, etc, but these activities are not always appealing or accessible especially in the winter.

Getting outside doesn’t mean you have to engage in an adrenaline pumping adventure. You might choose to sit outside for a meal or with your morning coffee, afternoon tea, favorite book, fur babies, or simply lay in a hammock while doing ABSOLUTELY nothing; the very act of just being outdoors is a wellness activity. If you can find yourself surrounded by nature (green space, trees, flowers, and gardens all count), even better.  

Simply being in a forest or taking a moment to pause, look at trees, and notice the natural world around you lowers cortisol and adrenaline (those pesky stress-causing hormones) and reduces blood pressure. You read that right…simply looking at trees can do this! We also know that trees emit phytoncides, chemicals that help them ward off disease and insects. We, in turn, breathe in these phytoncides and benefit from their antibacterial and antifungal qualities. An incredible, magical, invisible gift.

For all of these reasons and so many more, we are passionate about incorporating forest bathing into our wellness experience options – much of the time committed to this experience is spent simply being.  It may surprise you how just being outdoors can be difficult for many of us simply because it’s so counter to our fast past culture. This is where it can be helpful to work with a certified forest bathing and nature therapy guide who can help you settle into the experience. Through a series of invitations, you’ll enjoy an opportunity to unplug, unwind, and immerse yourself in the magic of the forest, “bathing” in the environment. To read more about Forest Bathing, its origins, and the science behind it, check out this blog.

Trend 3 – Create your own wellness guide – yes, you can!

While we are in the business of wellness experiences, and providing wellness tips and guides, you can create your own wellness guide – for yourself and/or your close circle of family or friends. 

Here’s how:

  • First, get a buddy.  It can be anyone you feel will help keep you motivated.  Often, they have the similar goals and you can help each other stay motivated.
  • Second, go ahead and put it on the calendar!  Multiple times. If it’s on the calendar, you’re SO much more more likely to follow through.  Remember, your calendar is not just for business meetings, doctors appointments, errands, and salon trips.  If you actually “book” a time for personal wellness, you are more likely to do it.  Some ideas: book a trip to the sauna, reserve a class at your local yoga studio, or join us for an upcoming forest bathing walk or mountaintop yoga hike
  • Third, nurture your alone time like you nurture your friendships.  Spend time with yourself – walking, sitting quietly, crushing some uphill on a mountain bike (if that’s your style), reading a book, or sipping a tasty hot beverage.   If you need ideas for how to enjoy some alone time in Asheville, check out our blog, “Our Suggested Asheville Solo Traveler Itineraries.

We hope you found these Top 3 Wellness Trends for 2023 helpful and hopeful. We wish you all the best as you plan to make 2023 healthy and happy.

Warmly, Nicole and the AWT team.

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